Bury Me Deep

The last time I wrote about a book I read it was The Sweetest Hallelujah for my book club - and I loved the book!  Because I ready that book way far in advance of book club, I've had time to read some in between our meetings - which is always a special treat :)  A while back I finished Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott.  

This is a book that I came across completely randomly.  Jake and I made a recent road trip out to Michigan for my friend Becca's wedding - and lucky us, our hotel was across the street from a outlet mall!  Well of COURSE we had to hop over there to shop for a bit!  I was a super happy camper when I walked by a book store - who doesn't love discount books?!  This was one that I ended up choosing and I am so glad I did!  I don't know that I would have spent full price for it, but after reading it I can honestly say that it would have been worth it to pay full price for it!

In the book we meet Marion Seeley - she is a young woman in 1931 who has just been essentially abandoned by her husband.  He is a doctor who is battling many demons and is unable to care for himself, Marion and also keep a job at the same time - so he chooses to uproot their lives, leave her in Phoenix where he finds her a job, and move to Mexico to get control of his life and career.  

Marion makes friends with two women and one particular man - these friends are definitely not running with the same crowd as Marion is used to, but she gets swept up and joins them in their lifestyle.  All doesn't end well for everyone, but I can't give away the ending... you just might have to read it for yourself!

I loved the writing, the characters and the setting of this book.  Abbott wrote with a clear, beautiful voice and truly brought me into the time period and social circle of Marion and her friends.  

Truth be told, the one thing I would critique is the length - I wish the book had been longer!  I would have loved to get to know the characters better and see more of their interaction both with each other and other people we saw just fleeting glimpses of.  The end of the book seemed rushed in comparison to the beginning and middle, and I would have loved to read more of it.

I'm going to admit to something here that I think a lot of readers consider treason - I would love to see this book made into a movie.  Set in the Jazz Age with brooding men, loose women, alcohol and fancy cars - this could be a gorgeous film! 

All in all, this was a quick read that had a surprising amount of depth for its 230 pages - it's one that I could easily go back and read and still enjoy the second time around!

Have you ever read this, or anything else by Megan Abbott?  Does it sound like something you'd like?

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