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6 weeks!!!

Well guys, I've made it six weeks so far!

This past week has been really busy, exciting, fun and truthfully - exhausting!  I'm actually glad it's a weeknight - I can lie low and catch up on some rest I've been missing out on :)  Now if only I didn't have to go to work tomorrow...

Regardless of my thoughts on working on weekdays (totally overrated) I am PROUD to have made it a full six weeks without a drop of alcohol.  This weekend could have been difficult, but it actually was very easy.

Friday night I went with Jake, a friend and her daughter to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  It was cute, but I definitely liked the first one better!  Obviously not drinking while watching that was pretty easy to accomplish :)

Saturday was a BUSY day!  We left our house around 1 for a wedding in South Dakota.  One of Jake's friends from college was getting hitched and of course we wanted to be there!  She was gorgeous and the ceremony was great - somehow it was heartfelt, emotional, funny and entertaining all at the same time!  We hung around for the cocktail hour, dinner and a bit of the dance - I turned down the free keg beer, the free wine and stuck with water and a bit of lemonade.  It was surprisingly easy; I was perfectly content with my drinks of choice, and I didn't get tired!  Normally if I have just a beer or a glass of wine I just end up getting exhausted - so it was nice to not have that!

After the beginning of their dance, we scooted out and made it back to Minnesota for the tail end of Jake's cousin's wedding dance - I got to dance with my sister-in-laws and had a great time!!  Again, it was surprisingly easy and I was able to stay awake until 330 when we finally made it home (which is a good thing, considering I was the one driving!!)

Sunday night was the series finale of Breaking Bad - and I had to have a totally clear mind to see the epic finale - so again, easy to steer clear of the liquor cabinet!!

How was your weekend??

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