4 weeks - That's a MONTH!!

I'm not sure what the actual truth is - if four weeks actually equals a month (I guess maybe it only does in February??)  But, whatever.  I'm just going with it - as of today I haven't drank any alcohol in a month!

As in the past three weeks, it wasn't especially difficult to go without any alcohol over this past week.  I was staying pretty busy with work, cleaning the house, working out and keeping up with my various challenge groups so by the time the evening rolled around I was ready to read a book and was perfectly content with my water!

One thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me is that, for me, drinking alcohol often had more to do with the social setting and less with the actual drink.  When I've been wanting a drink it's not that I've actually been craving vodka, or a beer, or wine.  The 'craving' I have is for the interactions I have while drinking and the mood that is created - if that makes sense.

Normally, for me, drinking is done in a social setting.  I'm with friends, we're laughing, talking, listening to music and having fun.  Maybe we get a little tipsy; maybe we don't.  But there's a sense of comfort and relaxation that normally comes with a group of great friends and a drink or two.  It's that feeling that I miss, not the actual alcohol.  Now of course I can hang out with friends, laugh, talk and have fun without alcohol - and I often do!  I think it's a bit different, though - does anyone know what I mean??

Maybe a couple more weeks without alcohol will clarify this for me :)  

Until next week - 


Paige Tucker said...

Time has been moving so fast that I remember about the time when you were expecting someone. It sure had been the most amazing part of the life when you are having those feelings.

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