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6 weeks!!!

Well guys, I've made it six weeks so far!

This past week has been really busy, exciting, fun and truthfully - exhausting!  I'm actually glad it's a weeknight - I can lie low and catch up on some rest I've been missing out on :)  Now if only I didn't have to go to work tomorrow...

Regardless of my thoughts on working on weekdays (totally overrated) I am PROUD to have made it a full six weeks without a drop of alcohol.  This weekend could have been difficult, but it actually was very easy.

Friday night I went with Jake, a friend and her daughter to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  It was cute, but I definitely liked the first one better!  Obviously not drinking while watching that was pretty easy to accomplish :)

Saturday was a BUSY day!  We left our house around 1 for a wedding in South Dakota.  One of Jake's friends from college was getting hitched and of course we wanted to be there!  She was gorgeous and the ceremony was great - somehow it was heartfelt, emotional, funny and entertaining all at the same time!  We hung around for the cocktail hour, dinner and a bit of the dance - I turned down the free keg beer, the free wine and stuck with water and a bit of lemonade.  It was surprisingly easy; I was perfectly content with my drinks of choice, and I didn't get tired!  Normally if I have just a beer or a glass of wine I just end up getting exhausted - so it was nice to not have that!

After the beginning of their dance, we scooted out and made it back to Minnesota for the tail end of Jake's cousin's wedding dance - I got to dance with my sister-in-laws and had a great time!!  Again, it was surprisingly easy and I was able to stay awake until 330 when we finally made it home (which is a good thing, considering I was the one driving!!)

Sunday night was the series finale of Breaking Bad - and I had to have a totally clear mind to see the epic finale - so again, easy to steer clear of the liquor cabinet!!

How was your weekend??


Healthy Friendship Party!

So, here's the thing.

We all have friends, and we all have goals!  Life goals, health goals, financial goals and any other goal you could possibly think of!  I have found that SO often we each talk with our friends about the goals we have - we are excited to get started, and we share it!  We get frustrated and we share that.  We get overwhelmed - yep, we share that too.  

I love that I have friends like this, and I love hearing about the goals they have set for their lives.  So I thought it would be fun to help other people and their friends reach their health goals!  Tada, idea born - my next health motivation group - Friendship Clean Eating and Shakeology!

Here's how it works:

Plus a friend
Hang out with me on Facebook for two weeks
I'll introduce you to Shakeology and we'll discuss clean eating
We'll all be there to support each other online, and you'll have your friend supporting you in person!

Fall is coming around the corner so quickly - that means: 
Sweatshirts (which make it very easy to hide the extra calories we start consuming) 
Halloween (candy + snacks + alcohol = bad day for the diet!!) 
Thanksgiving (hellooooooooooo food coma) - 
these are all within the next two months!!!

Instead of going into them with a "grin and bear it" type of attitude, let's attack them together!!!

Email me at - or friend request me on Facebook at for more info on how to join up!


Lunch in Paris

I wish the title of this post was referring to what I spent my day doing today - I'd LOVE to have had lunch in Paris!!  It wasn't in the cards today, though - so I had lunch in Le Sueur instead. 

Still French, just not as exciting.  

What the title really refers to is the most recent book I finished - Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard.  Although it doesn't tell the story of my life, it does tell the story of hers! 

This book had everything a quick read should have - a funny narrator, international travel, a love story and an amusing cast of characters.  Is it necessarily going to win any awards for being the most successful epic drama of the 21st century?  No, not really.  But was it an enjoyable book to read that made me smile to myself?  Yes, absolutely.

It did teach me something, though.  Something that I maybe would rather not have learned.  I need to stop reading books about Paris.  Really, about France in general.  I've read tons of them and each time I get nostalgic for la vie francaise and I really do get semi-depressed while reading them, even though I love them!

I guess it's time for me to book a flight to France.  Maybe I'll write a book about my vacation while I'm there.  (A book which I certainly would not be able to read once I arrived home, because it would make me far too sad to no longer be there).

I suppose none of this rambling really has anything to do with a review of the book.  So, here are my thoughts.  

I loved the setting, I loved the characters and I loved the story.  While it may have been a bit cliche (or maybe a lot), the fact that it is the actual story of Elizabeth's life makes the cliches ok.  The recipes were mouth-watering, and I loved that they all went directly in line with the story being told.  We read about a meal being made and we got the recipe at the end of the chapter - I've marked a couple that I'll be trying out :) 

This book isn't going to change the world, but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read and anyone who's aching to go to Paris (but be warned, while reading this book you may find yourself on at 2 am looking up how expensive flights are.  Perhaps several times.)

Have you read it?  Does it sound like something you'd like?  Do you want to pay for me to go to France? haha - I'm hoping you got used to saying yes and that I tricked you into yes number three :) 


Don't You Dare Complain

There's a chance that if you're reading this, you might think the quote I have below is harsh.  That it's not nice or that it's too simplistic.  

I'm going to respectfully agree to disagree with you - and I'd love for you to continue reading and find out why!

This is a lesson that I think a lot of us have to learn - it's a lesson that I'm continually reminding myself of because it's a hard one to really let sink in!  Each day, though, I'm understanding it more and accepting it more whole-heartedly.

I'm not going to complain about my weight unless I'm willing to do something about it.  

Complaining about how we look has become a cultural past-time.  We have names for the things we dislike about our bodies - 'muffin top' 'gut' 'thunder thighs' and we can sit around with our friends for hours and ridicule our bodies, naming and numbering everything that we hate.  Maybe we joke about it, maybe we cry about it or maybe we get angry about it.  

But unless we are willing to do something about it, why bother complaining?  Complaining about, ridiculing and berating our bodies does nothing positive for us.  It leaves us depressed and it leaves us mad at ourselves for not being 'better'.  It makes us believe that we can never have the body we want because we're stuck with the body we have.  

So seriously, I'm daring you - whoever you are - whether I know you, am friends with you, love you or have never met you before - stop doing it.  Stop complaining and stop picking on yourself.  If there are things you want to change, start now.  If you're not sure where to start, I would love to help.  But no matter how you do it, please stop with the negativity.  

It's not worth it.  

The next time you feel a complaint about your body coming up, repeat this instead;


5 Weeks Down - Including a Bachelorette Party!

I'm SO excited to share that I made it through five weeks without any alcohol!  I wouldn't say that I was exactly nervous about this past weekend, but I was a bit more apprehensive about it than I have been for the previous four.  The reason? 

Bachelorette party. 

The party started at Buffalo Wild Wings, continued on to two bars in Mankato, eventually made its way back to Le Sueur and then I hosted the after-bar party until 5 am.

Yes.  5 am, folks.

Without one drop of liquor (I had water and one shirley temple throughout the night).  

My thoughts on a bachelorette party without liquor?


I loved it.  I loved not having to spend the money on drinks, I loved not feeling out of control, and I loved feeling completely secure in having a ride home and not having to rely on someone else to be the sober cab!

The only problem I did have?  Without liquor, I completely forgot to take pictures!  When I drink I have a tendency to take pictures of everyone, with everyone and of everything.  There is ALWAYS photo documentation of the night.  Last night?  Nothing.  Not one picture.  

So here are a couple pictures from my bachelorette party last year - just add different people, take away 50 pounds and replace my black dress with a pink dress and you'll have perfect replicates of pictures that weren't taken last night :) 

The rest of the week it was super simple to not drink.  At book club I had my water bottle with me and I didn't really have any reason to want to drink during the week so it passed by without a hitch! 

My top three things I've already taken away from not drinking?

1) Cheaper!!!
2) Not having mornings-after feeling like crap.
3) Not having to deal with trying to arrange a sober cab.

What do you think would be the best part about not drinking?


City of Dark Magic

This book I was SO excited for!  I did something I never do.  I went into Barnes & Noble, got lost for an hour in the shelves and picked a book.  I didn't make myself stick to the discount shelves (because really, why pay full price for a book when there are all those cheaper books sitting there?!)  I didn't look for a new book by a favorite author and I didn't go searching for a book I had heard about online/in a magazine/from a friend.  Nope, I just went into Barnes & Noble with no literary destination in mind and ended up walking out with City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte.  It was the perfect birthday present from Jake and I'm glad I chose the book I did.

If nothing else, it will definitely be worth its full price, because I know that I will have to read it one (or two...or maybe even three) more time(s) before I actually know what happened.  The beginning of the book goes like this:
A young Beethoven scholar finds out that her mentor has committed suicide while studying original Beethoven manuscripts in Prague.  Along with learning this news she accepts a position working alongside him.  (A dwarf who shows up unannounced at her doorstep is involved with this). There are a couple sideline stories of a gorgeous roommate and a brilliant blind girl she tutors, but truly the beginning of the book is set up to get her to Prague. 
Then I'd love to tell you what happens.  Believe me, I really would.  I can tell you this much - I enjoyed the book.  I loved the imagery, I enjoyed the characters and it kept my attention throughout.  I was on the edge of my seat and I was anxiously turning pages to see how it all got resolved.  But I have no idea what actually happened. 
There's something about magical toenails (I think).  A part with a corrupt American politician (perhaps?).  Something about someone getting arrested for inappropriate public sexual relations (I think).  Oh, and I may remember Beethoven's flatulence (maybe).

I'll be honest - I got lost in this book.  There was some magic, some politics, some romance and some mystery.  But at the end of the book, I really couldn't tell you a synopsis of what happened.  I'm hoping that the second time through I'll be able piece the story together a bit better than I was the first time. 
I'll let you know how that goes.


New to Shakeology?

So I've talked before about my LOVE for Shakeology.  I have it every day (sometimes twice!) and it has seriously changed how I look at nutrition and the number of random cravings I get.  Whereas before I started drinking Shakeology I was always craving sweets, I'm now totally content with having a Shakeology chocolate malt and cutting the other sweets out!  (most days...haha I don't think the other cravings will ever be completely gone!) 

I know that Shakeology has made all the difference in the world for me, but I also know that when I first tried it I was pretty hesitant - I wasn't sure I could fit it in the budget and I didn't really like the idea of even doing a shake like this at all!  So I definitely understand when people aren't sure they want to try it - but Beachbody has made it easy to try now!!!  Starting Monday if I'm your coach you can order a Shakeology sampler pack - four packets for just $19.95!!!  

Email me at or leave your contact info in the 'contact' box on the bottom right of the page and I can hook you up!!!


Camels, Squats and Big Brother

Here we are, Wednesday.  It’s hump day, which definitely makes me happy but Wednesdays are actually my least favorite day of the week.  Not only do I work my regular job, I have another two hours of work for a different job in the evening – so it’s definitely a long day!!! I used to get really burnt out on Wednesdays, but they're not as bad anymore. 

I’ve made a point to switch my Les Mills Combat rotation so instead of my workout weeks starting on Monday, they now start on Sunday – which means that Wednesday is a rest day – and I love that!!!  It was always difficult to work both jobs, work out and also feel like I had any time left over.  Because of the change, this is definitely my favorite Wednesday I’ve had in a long time!
It doesn't hurt that Big Brother's season finale is on tonight - I love that show!!!  I don't watch a lot of tv, but Big Brother is one show that I cannot miss.  I'm excited to see who wins it - even if this is the worst cast they've pretty much ever had.  I'm hoping next year's is better!  But for tonight, I'm rooting for basically anyone but Andy.  I am NOT a fan of his.  

I do have 140 squats to finish up before the day is over … but I think I can handle that J I started them this morning and have been working on them throughout the day so it’s not too bad!  Each month I’ve been running a body-part challenge in a free Facebook group – it started with arms, moved to abs and September is squats! 140 is a bit insane…but we still have 2 weeks left!!!  My rubbery legs will be steel by the end of the month!
Because of the holiday we got started a bit later in the month, not right on the first... but we're in it to win it now!
So now I’m pondering what I should focus on for October – do you have any ideas?? Share them with me if you do – and if you’d like to be a part of it let me know – it’s always fun to have more people involved!!! 
For now, I’m off to do another 20 squats…wish me luck!!


Bury Me Deep

The last time I wrote about a book I read it was The Sweetest Hallelujah for my book club - and I loved the book!  Because I ready that book way far in advance of book club, I've had time to read some in between our meetings - which is always a special treat :)  A while back I finished Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott.  

This is a book that I came across completely randomly.  Jake and I made a recent road trip out to Michigan for my friend Becca's wedding - and lucky us, our hotel was across the street from a outlet mall!  Well of COURSE we had to hop over there to shop for a bit!  I was a super happy camper when I walked by a book store - who doesn't love discount books?!  This was one that I ended up choosing and I am so glad I did!  I don't know that I would have spent full price for it, but after reading it I can honestly say that it would have been worth it to pay full price for it!

In the book we meet Marion Seeley - she is a young woman in 1931 who has just been essentially abandoned by her husband.  He is a doctor who is battling many demons and is unable to care for himself, Marion and also keep a job at the same time - so he chooses to uproot their lives, leave her in Phoenix where he finds her a job, and move to Mexico to get control of his life and career.  

Marion makes friends with two women and one particular man - these friends are definitely not running with the same crowd as Marion is used to, but she gets swept up and joins them in their lifestyle.  All doesn't end well for everyone, but I can't give away the ending... you just might have to read it for yourself!

I loved the writing, the characters and the setting of this book.  Abbott wrote with a clear, beautiful voice and truly brought me into the time period and social circle of Marion and her friends.  

Truth be told, the one thing I would critique is the length - I wish the book had been longer!  I would have loved to get to know the characters better and see more of their interaction both with each other and other people we saw just fleeting glimpses of.  The end of the book seemed rushed in comparison to the beginning and middle, and I would have loved to read more of it.

I'm going to admit to something here that I think a lot of readers consider treason - I would love to see this book made into a movie.  Set in the Jazz Age with brooding men, loose women, alcohol and fancy cars - this could be a gorgeous film! 

All in all, this was a quick read that had a surprising amount of depth for its 230 pages - it's one that I could easily go back and read and still enjoy the second time around!

Have you ever read this, or anything else by Megan Abbott?  Does it sound like something you'd like?


4 weeks - That's a MONTH!!

I'm not sure what the actual truth is - if four weeks actually equals a month (I guess maybe it only does in February??)  But, whatever.  I'm just going with it - as of today I haven't drank any alcohol in a month!

As in the past three weeks, it wasn't especially difficult to go without any alcohol over this past week.  I was staying pretty busy with work, cleaning the house, working out and keeping up with my various challenge groups so by the time the evening rolled around I was ready to read a book and was perfectly content with my water!

One thing that is becoming increasingly clear to me is that, for me, drinking alcohol often had more to do with the social setting and less with the actual drink.  When I've been wanting a drink it's not that I've actually been craving vodka, or a beer, or wine.  The 'craving' I have is for the interactions I have while drinking and the mood that is created - if that makes sense.

Normally, for me, drinking is done in a social setting.  I'm with friends, we're laughing, talking, listening to music and having fun.  Maybe we get a little tipsy; maybe we don't.  But there's a sense of comfort and relaxation that normally comes with a group of great friends and a drink or two.  It's that feeling that I miss, not the actual alcohol.  Now of course I can hang out with friends, laugh, talk and have fun without alcohol - and I often do!  I think it's a bit different, though - does anyone know what I mean??

Maybe a couple more weeks without alcohol will clarify this for me :)  

Until next week - 


What being a Team Beachbody Coach has Meant to Me

Recently I've been sharing my journey with Beachbody - you can check out why I became a Beachbody customer here and what I thought of my first challenge group here.  Today I wanted to share what being a Beachbody coach has meant to me.

Just as I had when she asked me to try out a challenge group, I said 'yes' when my coach asked me to become a coach with her.  I didn't know what I was signing myself up for - I thought I was going to get a price break on Shakeology, maybe help some other people reach their own goals and also potentially get a bit of extra spending money along the way.

I was excited, nervous, even a bit overwhelmed.  My number one emotion, though, was excitement.  I was excited for my own transformation that was happening, and I was excited to be able to share the experience with others.  I truly believe that Beachbody has created a true platform for success - they have combined workouts, nutrition AND daily support!  They do not cut corners when it comes to changing our lives!

Being a part of the Beachbody coaching family, and a member of The Dream Team in particular, has allowed me to share the blessings I have received with other people.  I can pay it forward and that is just an incredible feeling.  I work full time and I have time for Beachbody for one simple reason - because it's worth it.  I cannot describe what an incredible honor it is to share in other people's health and fitness journeys.  To not only be a part of it, but to be able to help people realize their passion for healthy living is truly the best feeling in the world.  

As a coach, I do several things - arguably the most important is that I keep myself focused on my goals!  I do my workouts, drink Shakeology every day and I eat accordingly.  I hate to use the word diet.  I'm not on a diet - I'm simply eating in accordance with the goals I have set for myself.  

I also share.  I share my story.  I share things I have learned along the way.  I share recipes, tips, motivation and tools.  I support - via Challenge Groups, my monthly free challenges, emails and messages.  Everyday I am trying to show someone who is discouraged, unmotivated or frustrated that they CAN reach their goals and they CAN live the life they want - and if they don't believe it in that moment, I'm there to support them through making the changes on faith and sheer determination.  

 I am so glad I went with my gut when I came across my coach's blog and reached out to her.  I was unhappy with my weight, fitness and nutrition; I was scared that I could never change and that it wouldn't all be worth it.  Coaching has shown me that I can make a difference - in my own life and the lives of others. I have seen amazing results and been inspired by my challengers on a daily basis.  It's true that I have earned money from Beachbody, and this is great.  But I would do it even if I never made a penny - because it's worth so much more than simple dollars and cents. I can honestly say that now, 9 months later looking back, I wouldn't take any of it back.  It has changed my life and made me a better person.  

I'm looking for more people who would like to join up with me - there is always room for better health, fitness and motivation in the world!  Whether you want to join up for a challenge group and change your life, sign on as a coach to help other people change their lives, or do both, there's a perfect fit for you somewhere on my team!  Email me at and we can work together to chase your dreams and change your life!


Three Weeks without Alcohol

Week three is in the books!

I’m starting to question whether I should do the weekly update because I feel like I don’t have much to say that is all that interesting.  But, I’m going to stick with it because I think it will be fun to look back after the year is done and see what I was thinking about and where my biggest struggles were.  I know that I have a couple weddings and other events that are famous for their alcohol consumption so I’m anticipating those will be a bit more difficult ;)

This past week was, again, pretty easy.  I am able to walk by the bottles of wine at the house without wanting to open them and I can bypass the beer pretty easily as well.  I can tell already, though, that beer will probably be my drink of choice for the first time I have a drink – that’s really all that has tempted me so far.

This weekend I was camping with my family and I thought that would be a bit of a challenge.  It ended up not pushing me too hard, though so I was glad for that!  Before I drove to the campsite I stopped at the grocery store in town and bought a pack of bottled water and also green tea.  Having that on hand meant I always had something to drink that wasn’t pop, liquor or sugary juice.  I’ll count that as a win!

I am glad that I’ve been open about my decision to do this challenge for the year, because while camping no one was questioning why I wasn’t drinking nor were they trying to get me to drink.  They all understood, supported and were impressed by it – even if it did make me the punch line of a couple jokes :)

So, week three’s done and now I’m starting week four!


My Thoughts on My Challenge Group

Yesterday I wrote about the beginning of my weight loss journey – the moment when I realized my weight had ballooned out of control and that I had to make a change.  When I left off I had just accepted my coach’s invitation to be a part of her Battle of the Bulge Challenge Group.  Over the past 8 months there have been many milestone moments – days I can pinpoint that everything changed for me.  It started with the day I stepped on the scale and saw 249; the next milestone day was when I accepted Melanie’s offer.

I didn’t really know what a Challenge Group was; I had never heard of them before, but my repeated viewings of Melanie’s blog had convinced me that she would be able to help.  I trusted her and I was excited to have someone helping me get to where I wanted to go.  One of the requirements was that I try Shakeology.  At first I was put off by the price; I’ve never drank shakes before and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to start. 
I realized, though, that what I had been doing and what I had been comfortable with had brought me to this place and this body that I was so determined to change.  If I didn’t change my mindset and my habits there was no way I was going to really change my health.  So I talked to my husband and I placed the order.  It required us to re-prioritize some spending that month but we made it work – I was committed to the changes I was making and Jake knew how hard I was trying, so he simply supported me. 

                I can say without a doubt in my mind that the Challenge Group I was in changed my life for the better.  It was a 90-day group with several other challengers in it with me.  Every day my coach posted something – something to think about, a challenge, a question, a recipe, an idea.  We each checked in to the group and we shared.  We shared our struggles and we shared our successes.  We shared our meal plans, Shakeology recipes and motivation we found along the way.  Some days were harder than others; some days were easier than others.  But, at the end of the day, we were in it together.  I knew that I had a group of people who were going through it with me and I knew that I had people rooting for me.  Melanie made it a safe place, a motivational place and an encouraging place for each of us and we all changed throughout the course of the group.
                I learned how to make a meal plan and I learned how to avoid temptation.  I also learned how to have a cheat meal without feeling guilty for it.  I learned that I’m stronger than my weaknesses and that going through a weight-loss journey is so much more rewarding when you have people doing it with you and celebrating your successes – just as you can celebrate theirs.  I learned that taking pictures along the way is important – they will show changes the scale never could.  The pictures I took at the beginning of the group made me cry in the beginning; I didn’t show them to anyone but my coach and even showing them to her mortified me.  Now I’ll show them to anyone who wants to see them – because the girl in those pictures is changed.  I’m still her and she is still me but we’re better.  We’re happier.  Healthier.  More energetic.  More proud.  More emotionally stable.  More confident. 

                One day, I had a friend write to me.  She asked me what I was doing and told me she was proud of me.  This was incredible to me – the fact that someone would ask me for advice on living healthier was something I never would have thought possible.  I shared the news in the Challenge Group and told them how awesome I felt about it.  They all shared my excitement; it was such a great feeling to have other people notice the changes we were making and so we celebrated that!  Melanie then sent me a message – she asked if I had ever considered being a coach. 
And that, I suppose, is a story for another day.


Why I Got Started with Beachbody

            A couple days ago I shared on Facebook that I’ve hit two major milestones in my weight-loss and healthy-living journey: 50 pounds lost AND being under 200 pounds for the first time in at least five years.  These have both been huge goals for me, and it's awesome to finally say that I have hit them!  I wanted to share some of my story about how I got started - so here we go!

            In January when I stepped on the scale I had hit 249 pounds.  That was, to me, a huge number.  A scary number.  A number that told me I had clearly fallen off track somewhere and I was not taking care of myself the way that I should be.  I knew that I needed to change, and I decided right then and there that I wasn’t going to take no for an answer and I wasn’t going to let myself get in my own way anymore.  

                Anyone who has tried to lose weight or just live healthier knows how difficult it seems.  The fitness world seems overwhelming and the grocery story is full of boobie traps.   It’s scary to change and it’s embarrassing to admit that we want to.  Believe me, I’ve felt all these things and a dozen more.  I’ve told myself I was going to “try to lose weight” before and it never seemed to work.  Clearly, for me, it wasn’t enough to “try” to lose weight.  I had hit my highest weight ever by “trying”.  I needed to change my mindset and my lifestyle.  I wasn’t going to try anymore.  I was done trying.  I was going to DO.  I wasn’t planning an attempt; I wasn’t planning an experiment in weight loss.  I planned SUCCESS.  

                Somewhere along the way, it started working.  I was doing Insanity and I was watching what I ate.  I felt miserable every time I put on my workout clothes – even in the privacy of my own home I wore an oversized t-shirt over my workout clothes because I didn’t want to see the flab (that at this point was, truthfully, much more than flab.)  During the course of each workout, though, I got in a better mood.  I would watch what Shaun T was doing and I’d see Tania with her perfect form and I’d just giggle.  I would laugh because of how ridiculous the workouts were.  The time would come to do basketball drills and I just knew that I could never actually do them.  They were impossible.  But I decided to do the impossible.  Even if I could only do one basketball drill, even if I was making a puddle of sweat on the floor, even if I was red in the face and short of breath, I was going to do it.  And I did.  For many days, I did just one.  Doing just one of the more intense exercises was enough to get me sweating and losing weight though, so I kept pushing.  

                Then, slowly, one became two.  Two became four and once I hit the upward trend, the impossible became the possible.  I was doing it – I was finishing the dvds and I was pushing play again the next day.  I’d workout before my husband and I went out with friends; some days I would work out at 10 at night.  It didn’t matter when it was.  The only thing I cared about was that I did it. 

                A couple weeks after starting Insanity, I was Googling women’s Insanity transformations (I wanted to know what I had to look forward to!!) and I found my coach’s blog.  I think I went to her blog 15 times before I finally built up the nerve to write to her - it was one thing to be losing weight and talking to my husband about it, but it was another thing completely to admit to someone I had never met that I wanted help.  When I wrote to her I had lost about 15 pounds but I had been stuck on a plateau for a couple weeks.  I couldn't seem to budge below 235 so I knew I needed to do something else to really kick it into high gear so I could keep seeing results.  We emailed back and forth a little bit, and she eventually asked if I'd like to be a part of her upcoming Challenge Group.  I said yes.  And that, I suppose is another story to tell - so that'll be coming soon!!


14 days done!

     Here we are, and I can officially say I have made it two weeks being liquor-less!  It still seems a bit strange to me that I am going for 52 weeks without any liquor, but I'm excited that I've made it this far and that it has been so easy!
     Like week one, the week days from this week were pretty easy to not drink.  I was working, working out and watching Big Brother (this may make me a big nerd, but I'm ok with that!)  During the week I really just haven't found myself wanting a drink - which definitely makes it easy to not have one!

     The weekend was a bit more difficult, but again, nothing that really tested me.  Saturday night was a date night for me and it was awesome!  We went to dinner and then came home and watched the movie Beautiful Creatures.  It's not something that Jake would normally be interested in, but we both ended up really enjoying it!
     While we were at dinner, though, Jake ordered a beer and that was probably the biggest struggle I've had so far.  It's become a routine that when he orders a new beer I try a taste of it - so I was tempted to do the same again!  But I knew that it was a momentary thing, and I shut it down and stuck with my water.  I'm happy I did, too, cause here I am with two weeks behind me!
     Sunday was a family birthday party and there was beer, wine, long islands and anything else I could want, but I stuck with water 100% and it didn't bother me at all.  It was awesome because a lot of people told me that they're proud of what I'm doing and the progress I've made, so hearing all those things made it really easy to stick with no liquor and even steer clear of the pop!

     2 weeks in and I'm a happy liquor-free girl!  I hope you all had an awesome Labor Day!