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1 Year, Day 1

Well, today's the day.  For the next 365 days my goal is to not drink any alcohol.  I've talked a bit about this already, and I can honestly say that I'm excited to challenge myself to stick to this for a year.  I wanted to mark the first day by sharing some of my goals and expectations - so here they are!

Obviously, to go for an entire year without drinking

To not shy away from events because of not drinking.  I want to show myself (& others) that we can have just as much fun at get-together, parties, or anywhere else when not drinking.

Finding better and healthier alternatives to dealing with stress than having a drink.

To not just replace the liquor I'm not drinking with pop all the time.  I'm doing this for my health as well as a challenge, and pop is definitely not a healthy alternative!

To hit my goal weight by December 31st. 

I expect the most difficult days will be the special events I have coming up.  Weddings, bachelorette parties, New Years Eve, etc. I will just need to remember that these events are not special and fun because of alcohol.  It is simply an addition to these already-fun events - they don't rely on alcohol to make them fun!  I can still have a blast and stick to my goals!!

I think the most difficult days will be the ones I can't name now - the days when I'd really just enjoy a beer or a glass of wine; the days when the reasons for setting this goal seem far away and, frankly, dumb.  I have to remember that I can do whatever I choose to do, and I am capable of being stronger than my weaknesses.  

I'm going to update this blog once a week with how the week has gone - both for other people, but also for myself - so I can stay accountable and have something to look back on!  So, until next week...

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