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1 Girl 1 Year No Alcohol

A couple weeks ago I got an idea - and idea that I thought was crazy and that a couple years ago I never would have even entertained.  The more I thought about it, though, the more it seemed like this idea was something I really wanted to try.  

I don't drink very much or very often.  I don't go out every weekend and I'm not someone who gets drunk more often than not.  I have been known to do these things in the past (yeah, college happened).  I've had a lot of fun with a drink in hand but I've also had a lot of drama, headaches and hangovers because of alcohol and choices surrounding it.  

Weddings, bachelorette parties, birthdays - all these events are synonymous with drinking way too much, remembering little of the event itself and nursing a water bottle and Advil the next morning. 

So I'm going to try something I never imagined I'd want to try - I'm taking a year off.  

No alcohol, no excuses.  Those events - weddings, birthdays, town festivals and bachelorette parties that used to get me ordering up the vodka 7s on super speed will now be experienced sober.  Pregnant ladies do it all the time - so why can't I?  It'll be an experiment in self control and learning how to have fun and relax without a drink in hand.  I'm not guessing that it will be easy, but I'm excited to try - I'm excited to be able to say that I did it, for no reason other than I want to!  

What do you think?  Am I crazy?  Inspired?  Making a mountain out of a mole hill?

If you want to dare yourself to give something up for a year share it with me!  I'm starting August 19th - the day after my first wedding anniversary.  My first drink after I make it for a year will be for my second anniversary - I think that sounds like a perfect plan!

I'm hoping to update the blog once a week with how that week went and how I'm feeling about it.  There will definitely be days it's harder than others but I'm excited to do it! 

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Heather Marie said...

Wow that would be tough but at the same time I am sure it will be very rewarding!! Good luck!