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Protein + Complex Carbs

In some of my other posts about clean eating, I've mentioned that one of the best things we can do for our bodies, health, metabolism and weight loss is to pair lean protein with complex carbohydrates at every meal. Before I started eating clean and really reading up on health and nutrition I would have had no idea what this meant, nor would I have known how to do it.  

But very soon (like seriously, days) after starting to eat clean I noticed a drastic change in my cravings and my fatigue.  I simply wasn't tired as often, I slept better at night and I stopped getting hungry throughout the day.  I think that the combination of lean protein and complex carbs helped me not only eat healthier, but to be more productive throughout the day.

The combination of the two keeps your metabolism revved for the entire day, prolongs digestion and helps your blood sugar levels stay stable.  All this helps you stay energized, alert and lose weight!

In the image below are some of my favorite ways to pair the two - and as an added bonus they're all easy, cheap, quick and tasty!  

If you're interested in learning more about clean eating or other opportunities to get to your healthiest body, email me at  I have several options to help you lose weight, eat better and change your life!


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