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Focus T25: Day -1 Thoughts

Today marks day 1 of my 60-day Focus T 25 Challenge!   I can't wait to share my progress through the program and my results at the end of it, but today I wanted to think about what I'm hoping for. 

So to prepare for this post, last night I did some brainstorming on what I'm hoping to achieve in the next 60 days - and hopefully I'll hit all these goals!!

As you may or may not know, I have lost almost 50 pounds.  The past couple of weeks has been a plateau where I haven't moved beyond the 203/204 range.  I'll go up and down a little bit but for the most part the scale has stuck right around there.  I'm going to take the next 60 days and really give it my all and see what type of results I can get - I'm excited to start!

I have about 22 pounds left until I hit my goal weight - over the next 8 weeks I would love to lose 15 of these.  I know that as I get closer to my goal weight it will probably get more difficult to keep losing, but I'm going into it with a lot of optimism and drive to do my best!

Starting tomorrow I'm going to allow myself three days of alcohol.  I'm in no way saying that I'm going to get drunk, just that if I choose to have a drink on these days it will be ok.  But for the other 57, no alcohol.  No nightcap or glass of wine or drinks at the bar.  I don't drink very often as it is, but I'm going to do it even more infrequently because it really is a lot of empty calories.  The 3 exceptions are as follows: my birthday, my 1 year marriage anniversary and one of my very good friend's weddings.  Besides these, I'm saying no to alcohol!

Lastly, but definitely not least, I want to get stronger at doing push ups!  I'm thinking Focus T25 can really help me with this and I'm going to make this a priority.  My arms have always been the part of my body that I'm most uncomfortable with and I'm ready for those insecure feelings to be a thing of the past!  My goal is to be able to wear a dress like this with no sweater or anything over my arms and be comfortable!!

Those are my 3 major goals for my 60 days with T25 - I can't wait to see where it takes me and I'll be keeping you updated with my progress along the way!

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