Clean Restaurant Choices!

One of my favorite things to do and one of my favorite date nights is to go out to eat!  I love not having to clean up the kitchen and I love not having to plan out and cook a meal - it's a real treat!  We don't go out to eat very often, but when we do it's great to just be able to relax and talk instead of rushing around cleaning up afterwards.

Before I started Eating Clean and trying to lose weight I would order whatever I wanted.  My go-to choice was chicken alfredo - and of course with breadsticks!  It was my favorite and even Jake could guess what I was going to have because it really didn't change very much!  Now, though, my choices when eating out have changed a lot!  Here are some of my favorite things to remember when eating out:

Everyone knows that liquor has a ton of empty, extra calories - and that's before you add in all the sugar from the mixers used to make your favorite cocktail!  Plus, alcohol dehydrates your body - and you don't want that!!

I don't know anyone who doesn't love a rich, tasty dessert.  We rarely ever order dessert, but if it's a celebration and we want to indulge a bit, we definitely share one dessert instead of ordering two!  Restaurant portions are always huge - and the calorie counts are HUGE in their desserts!  Also, choose a dessert that doesn't have the terms "rich" "gooey" or "triple" in the names - those are definitely trouble!  

This should be a no-brainer, and yet it's easy to forget!  When ordering pasta don't choose the cheesy, gooey, buttery option.  Instead, choose the pasta that has a tomato-based sauce.  This will not have the butter and cream like the white sauces and is much kinder on the waistline!  Also try to go with whole wheat pasta if that's an option!

Don't even let the bread basket tempt you!  Save your hunger for when your food comes - you'll appreciate the flavor so much more when you allow yourself to wait until your meal to start eating.  Plus, by not munching on the bread you will save all those calories.

What are your favorite things to remember when you're eating out?

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