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Watery Wonders

Water, water, water.  That seems to be one of the buzzwords in the health/fitness world lately.  Drink water, drink water, and then drink a little bit more water!!  Some people find it extremely difficult to drink water throughout the day and some people spend their whole day sipping on Pepsi or coffee and never get around to their reusable water bottle they've been carrying around for weeks, which they have to empty every morning and refill because they didn't so much as open it up the other day. 

So, what's the big deal?  Is there really a difference between soda and water, and is water really worth the 25 trips to the bathroom we all have to take?

Yes and yes!!!  There is a huge difference, and it's SO worth it!

Unlike pop or coffee, water hydrates us!  Water is so central to our physical make up that we need to keep fresh supplies coming in to keep everything working and running as well as it can be.  The fact that bathroom breaks become more frequent just goes to show that our body is cycling through the water and cleaning us out!

Some people wait until they're know they're thirsty to drink water.  Until the brain is seriously screaming at them to get a drink!  It's not healthy or good for our bodies to make our brains resort to begging us to give it some h2o!  Dehydration started long before we truly felt thirsty, so we should try and be proactive with it!

Some of the signs that we are getting dehydrated?  We have headaches, mood swings, we are lethargic, confused, have dry lips or are constipated.  A lot of these things happen to some people every darn day!

They're reasoning for them is the afternoon slump, or that they must be tired, or even they're hungry!  Chances are high that hunger or fatigue has nothing to do with it - it's our bodies response to not having enough water!  

Try this for the next week, I guarantee you'll feel so much better than you do today!!

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Unknown said...

THe big Bubba Mugs at Target and Walmart hold 32 ounces and are insulated. I love fillin that baby up several times a day at work. :)