Healthy Kids

Last night my husband and I got to meet our newest nephew - Adam! He was born about a week ago and he is just the cutest little thing! Meeting him really got me thinking about the things that each one of us teach the kids in our lives. Whether we are parents, aunts/uncles, neighbors, teachers or just friends we almost all have some kids that look up to us. What kind of example are we setting for them?

Do we teach them that eating healthy is important, until you're tired, rushed for time or in a bad mood? Do we teach them that exercise is FUN and something we do everyday, or do we teach them that watching tv comes before exercise and exercise only comes if we can fit it in? Do we teach them that it's ok to say you don't want that drink or dessert instead of filling your plate and glass with everything offered?

Whether we realize it our not, kids look up to us and it's our responsibility to not only ourselves, but to THEM to live the kind of life we'd like to see them live when they're grown! What kids do you have in your life? Are you setting a good example?

I know that I am blessed with a bunch of nieces, nephews and children of friends', and I also know that for a long time I wasn't setting a good example!  I was living a lifestyle that had too much of all the bad foods, no exercise and not enough of the good foods!  I wasn't putting myself anywhere near the top of my priority list, and if they looked up to me that's what they would have learned!

I'm changing my life now, and I KNOW that I'm being a better example for them, and that makes me so proud of myself!  

There are a couple spots left in my June Challenge Group if you'd like help in becoming the best example you can be!  Email me at ashleykrek@gmail.com and we can get started TODAY!!! Why wait?


Alexis Ogg said...

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