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What Protein?

Yesterday I wrote about why I've been eating protein at every meal and why Eating Clean recommends this as part of everyone's meal plan.  Before reading up on nutrition and really becoming interested in it, I would automatically think of meat if someone mentioned protein.  Sure, I knew that there were protein sources that we're meat, but I didn't really think too much about it.

Now that I'm incorporating protein into every meal, however, I had to figure out other ways to get protein because I wasn't really wanting to have chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Before writing this post I went through my cupboards and found the food that I normally eat to get protein at every meal - here's what I had!

Natural peanut butter, tuna in water, tilapia, lean ground turkey, eggs, beans, chicken breasts - love it!!!

This is what I normally have in the house but there are so many other options to get protein at every meal, too!

Here are some of those

Beef Tenderloin
Canned salmon in water
Fat-free plain yogurn
Low-fat cottage cheese
Pork tenderloin
Unsalted raw nuts & seeds

I used to think that eating more healthy food would mean I'd be cutting out a lot of things; as it turns out, I have ADDED so many foods to what I eat and I enjoy my meals so much more!  

Who would've thought that eating healthy would also be eating tasty??


The Pink Growl said...

This is great advice! Thanks girl!

Heather Marie said...

I love adding protein to meals! It s tasty way to add food, and makes you so much more full!