Swimsuit Summer

It's official!  Tomorrow when we wake up, the summer season will have started!  Once Memorial Day passes it is summertime - are you ready?!  

How have you been doing with losing weight, getting in shape, eating well and fitting into the shorts and swimsuits that are all over the malls now?  


I'd love to have you be a part of my Swimsuit Summer Challenge Group that starts on June 24!  Are you ready to commit to yourself, your health and your swimsuit body??

Here's how it works and what you have to do!

1.  You become a member of my Teambeachbody crew!  You can do that by going to www.teambeachbody.com/ashleykrek and creating a user name and password!  I'll then get in touch with you through the email address you prove and we'll start the process of choosing the right program to meet your needs and I can answer any questions you may have about the challenge group.

2.  Then, together we will pick a Beachbody fitness program that is going to meet your unique health and fitness goals.  We will pick one with your individual ability in mind.

3.  You commit to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.  I require Shakeology because it is one meal that you don't have to worry about!  It is the one thing that is going to give you the energy to give your workouts your all, curb your cravings, control your hunger, boost your immune system and keep you the healthiest you have ever been.  If you choose to discontinue Shakeology after the Challenge that is fine, but it's really been the key for so many people and I think you'll find that you love it!

4.  You are an active participant in the challenge group.  This means that you will log into the closed Facebook support group at least once a day to see the daily post and also to post your daily check in.

I will be giving you weekly meal plans, recipes, tips, motivation and accountability! This group is for those that are ready and willing to take their nutrition and fitness to the next level!!!

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