My Transformation Video

Hey guys, I think it's time we get honest.

 I mean really, 100%, truthful-to-the-core type of honesty here.  For the last couple weeks I have been posting about my health and fitness journey, and I've been asking you to join me! 

I've talked to some of you briefly, and some of you for longer stretches of time.  Regardless of whether we have 10, 50 or 100 pounds to lose, I know that being healthy and proud of our bodies is something that weighs heavily on each of our minds.  I started my own journey in January, and since that time I have lost 42 pounds.  I am in now way done with trying to improve myself, but I am darn proud of that weightloss and the changes I can see in myself - both physically and the emotional and mental changes that have come along with it!  

As I gained the weight over the last several years I came up with a million reasons why, and none of them were my own fault.  I would buying sizes on the stores changing how they did their sizing; I would blame my weight gain on settling into "comfort" clothes and the weight I was supposed to be at; I would blame the number on the scale on big bones and family genetics.  

Really, all that I was doing was lying to myself and giving away my own power to decide how my life should be.  Instead of taking responsibility I was shirking it and pretending I was happy with where I was.  All that changed in January when I stepped on a scale and saw a big, fat, scary number: 249.  I know, it's a big number, and I might be crazy for sharing it, but that number doesn't apply to me anymore.  It's where I came from, but it has nothing to do with where I'm going.  I have started changing my life and I am going to continue!  I have become healthier, stronger, more energetic and more well-read on fitness, health and Clean Eating.  I love drinking Shakeology every day and I enjoy my workouts!  

I feel so blessed to have found the Teambeachbody family, and I would love it if you would join me!  My next Challenge Group starts on June 24 - whatever health and fitness goals you have for yourself, we can get there together!  It's easy to say we need to change or we want to change - it's harder to actually put in the effort and dedicate yourself to MAKING the change.  That's where I and the group come in - if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle change, I will not let you fail!!!  

No one has ever reached their goals by thinking about it or wishing!  The next 3 months will pass whether you start to make the change or not; I want to be sharing YOUR successes with you three months from now as we are BLOWN AWAY by the progress you have made!  Message me here or email me at ashleykrek@gmail.com to secure your spot - what do you have to lose besides oversized clothes, being self-conscious and the extra weight that has been weighing you down?  

Here's the beginning of my transformation story in video form - I'm still a work in progress, but over 4 months I have hit so many goals I set for myself!  What goals can I help you hit??  Message me today to commit to the future, healthy you we will create in the June 24 Challenge Group! 


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RadiantKristen said...

You have been working really hard, and it shows! Way to go, girl =)