Clean Eating

When I first started working towards my goal of losing 70 pounds, I truly thought that if I started working out more often and ate less food I would get there in no time!  Little did I remember at the time that if you go from a lifestyle that included very little physical activity to working out - especially with a program like Insanity! - every day, it would simply not be possible to eat less and expect to still function!

Luckily I learned about the Clean Eating lifestyle.  It's not a diet, it's not a quick fix, it's not even a weight loss program.  It's simply eating in a way that makes my body function at its highest possible level.  I don't get hungry, but I also don't get tired after eating!  I don't ever feel like I'm lugging myself around as my body digests what I've eaten; I feel good throughout the entire day and don't lack in energy until it's actually time to sleep - and I can both fall asleep and stay asleep!  It's completely changed how my body functions, and as such it's completely changed how I live!

Any weight loss or health changes we want to make will mainly depend on what we eat, not how much we workout.  Food fuels everything else, so without clean, healthy, enriching food our workouts will not be as productive as they could be.

Tosca Reno's book The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged! has changed how I think about food and nutrition, and here is the beginning nitty-gritty of what she writes about.  The book is FULL of information, so I recommend purchasing a copy as soon as you can - it'll help with your own meal planning and healthy living!

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