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30 pounds down, much more gained

So a couple days ago I posted the picture below on Facebook - I felt like a junior high schooler again because I was so nervous!  You never know if people will be nice or what people will think, and putting up actual pictures of myself scared me!  I've written about my progress and I've mentioned what I've been doing before, but this was different.  I wasn't putting out ideas or facts and figures - I was putting myself out there!  I was putting my own face out as a testament to what I've been doing - and that's scary.  

At the end of the day, I'm SO glad I chose to deal with being scared and just do it.  No one was mean.  Not one person.  I had a ton of people comment, a ton of people "like" it and a couple people even share with me the struggles they've been having in their own journeys!  It was a great reminder to me - it's always worth it to take a chance, take a shot, make a change and share it with people.  

Because really, what's the point of being happy and proud if I'm too scared to admit it?

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Amy said...

You look AMAZING! What an inspiration!