RIP, Jack's Bakery

Have you ever had a day that’s both happy and sad at the same time? One where you have so much fun, but as you look back on the day/event/time you remember that there was a not-so-happy reason for whatever you did that day?
I’ve had quite a few days like this, and I’m never really sure how I should feel about them. Be happy that I made the best out of a bad situation? Feel bad that I could forget for any amount of time the bad thing that was going on?
Last Saturday was a day like this for me. The week before Easter I learned a bakery close to my home was going to be closing for the last time. This bakery, Jack’s Bakery, was my first job – it was also my brother’s and sister’s first job. I started there in high school before I could legally drive, and I worked there on-and-off for seven years.
They allowed me to come back during college breaks, the summertime and after I had graduated college. I met my first boyfriend there, and I met my husband while I was working there. The people I worked with saw me through breakups, trips abroad, fights with friends and were there to support me and my husband at our wedding. It will be a bittersweet day when we pull out the top layer from our wedding cake for our first anniversary in August, because the bakery that made it for us will no longer be around.

So, last Saturday, I spent the day at Jack’s. The whole crew that worked there when I did came out and we hung out. Helped bag buns, helped clean, but mostly we remembered. The jokes, the annoyances, the frustrations, the friendships. We took pictures and we tweeted. We shared another day together in the bakery, because there will be no more to come.
I think, ultimately, I feel grateful. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to work at the bakery, and I am blessed to still count my co-workers as friends. Not everyone can say that about a job they had in high school.


Lindsay Kuznicki said...

I remember you talking about the bakery at school. i'm sorry that they are closing down but I am so happy for the memories you were able to collect with them! Great pictures!

RadiantKristen said...

It is too bad that jack's closed for the last time! Sounds like a fantastic place to make some happy memories.