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Media Overkill

Do you ever want to turn off the phone, the tv, the wi-fi and the internet?  Not open a book, glance at a newspaper or pick up a magazine?  Just forget that there's anything called fiction, non-fiction, news or reality tv?  I must be honest, that's how I'm feeling today.  

The events in Boston were a tragedy.  I am not trying to take anything away from that, and I'm not saying that I'm not grieving for the people affected or the lives lost, because I am.  The same can be said for the explosion in Texas and the countless other things that have plagued the news lately.  

The reason I want to distance myself is because of the news.  These tragedies have taken over the airwaves, and it doesn't seem like it's because of the deaths and injuries.  At least, it doesn't seem like that's where the media is focusing its efforts.  I opened my mailbox where I get the latest news stories at this is what I saw:

"Timeline of terror hunt"
"Tweeting police chatter creates confusion"
"Mayor of Texas rocked by explosion"
"Photos from Bostonians locked down amid terror hunt"
"Suspects in marathon bombings are brothers"
"One Boston Marathon suspect killed"
"Texas town likened to Baghdad after blast"
"Cops: Gunman kills ex-wife before being slain in shootout"
"High School Student convicted in sex-tape scandal"
"Campus police officer killed in shooting"
"Musharraf arrested in Pakistan on treason charges"

I understand why these items are news.  I understand why the media pumps these stories out.  What I don't understand is this: why are there no other stories deemed worthy of the front page or breaking news?  Why can't something positive be shared?

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RadiantKristen said...

What makes me so sad is how fear-driven our society is, how we seem to always focus on the worst. I have avoided mass media for this very reason. Hopefully we can effect positive change in the media over time, and start a trend of focusing on the better news, and the more hopeful stories that come from the bad.