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Fast-paced Life

Where oh where can the time possibly go?  It seems like everyday just goes by more quickly than the last and before I get used to saying it's Tuesday all of a sudden it's Thursday! 
I'd like for the clock to just slow down a little bit, please.
If you're friends with Father Time, thanks for making that happen - I appreciate it in advance.  Maybe shoot for it to start slowing down right around 430pm when I get off work? 
Much love to you for that.
The last couple of days have been filled with working, working out, hanging out with Jake and trying to keep the house somewhat in order.  I just recently finished the book The Compound Effect which would likely be found on the motivational/self-help shelf in the library, but I absolutely loved it! 
There are so many things and ideas I took away from it - I'll definitely be sharing some of those soon! 
Along with my own workouts and fitness journey I've decided to become a Team Beachbody coach so I can help others on their own journeys too!  If you've been feeling like your New Years Resolutions have been forgotten about lately, or just that you want to try something new but are afraid you don't have the SUPPORT you need or would like a feeling of a team all working together, please either comment below or e-mail me at  I'm putting together a Challenge Group for this very reason and I'd love to have you be a part of it!
23 pounds lighter as of today - and I'm so darn proud of myself!  Let's work together to make your goals into a reality!!
And today I leave you with the finished product of the painting I started a couple days ago - I'm definitely no Matisse but I'm pretty happy with it!


The Pink Growl said...

Congrats on being 23 lbs down! THAT IS AWESOME! I am hosting that 30 miles in 30 days challenge again for April if you are interested :)

Maggie B. said...

Congrats on loosing 23!! That's wonderful news! Tell me more about this program... do I need to be local? Because that might be a challenge. and... I love your painting!