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Biggest Dreams

Think of your biggest dream. The crazy, scary one that you’ve always told yourself is completely out of the realm of possibility. So big that it’s likely never even made it onto your bucket list or other rundowns of things you’d like to do someday. You may have never told anyone about it, or maybe you’ve only shared it and made a joke of it after you’ve said it. “haha, yeah, like that’ll happen.” Or “hey, a girl can dream, right?”
Everyone has a dream like this. For some people it might be picking up and moving to New Zealand. For some people it might be publishing a novel. Maybe it’s canoeing around Australia. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to test your feet at climbing a mountain. Getting your doctorate? Having $100,000 in savings? What is your dream?
My dream has stayed the same for a long time. A really long time. For a couple months in college I got to live it, and I’d jump at the chance to live it again. What is it? France. Paris. La vie francaise. If I could set a path for my life to take, it would be to be able to take a huge European vacation every year. To see the host family I lived with while I studied in the south of France in college, and to spend lazy afternoons walking around Versailles. To have enough time to see a French film at a theater off the Champs Elysees without feeling like I’m wasting my precious time in France. To tell people about my upcoming trip to France and have them roll their eyes because it seems like I just got back.
My husband has a different dream. Very different. His dream would be to live a life where he can farm full-time, every day. Raise animals, grow crops, live in the country and get to be outside every day. He loves the farm he grew up on, and he’d love to raise our children in the same situation. He wants to teach them the value of hard work by exposing them to farm chores. He wants them to understand that food does not make it to your table by some Supermarket magic – it’s because people work crazy hours in crazy weather to grow the food needed to make all the food we eat every day. He wants to live with the satisfaction that comes with seeing all your hard work pay off when the crops are harvested and sold, and he wants to share that with our family.
Our dreams are different. They don’t overlap in any real way, and neither of us would be happy living out the other’s dream. Truth be told, we are not living the dreams we have for our lives currently. I haven’t been to France for several years now, and he only gets to be at the farm when he’s not working. We both realize that the dreams we have are not the type of thing you can just plan to do overnight. Finances get in the way and make them seem impossible. So what does that mean? Do we throw these dreams away? Push them aside so far that we pretend that they’re never going to happen? Tell ourselves that maybe in 20 years or when we retire we can live out our dreams?
I think that would be the worst thing we could do. Some might say to work on one at a time – since he already gets time at the farm, it’s only fair to focus on me going to France, right? Because really, these goals seem to be completely opposite from each other – how could the girl who wants to travel all the time possibly be married to the man who wants to stay home? Well I don’t buy any of it. I think we all need to stop treating our dreams as impossible and our current situations as inevitable. If I don’t start working right now to live out my dream, then it really never will happen. Same goes for Jake. So what do we do? Put our dreams together. Because really, at the end of the day, our dreams could exist together. Because we are living our lives together, why shouldn't we be able to live our dreams together, too?
So here's our ultimate dream as a couple: Jake is farming. We have a family, we live in the country and our children with strong work ethics but also to believe, like we do, that being outside and spending time with those you love and have fun with is the best way to spend an evening. Jake doesn't have to work because the farming is able to support our life and family - I am able to work from home as well. The weather and nature creates Jake's hours, myself and the family decides the hours that I work. But every summer - or fall - or winter - whenever we decide it will work best, I get to go to France. Sometimes Jake will come with me, sometimes other friends or family will, sometimes I will go by myself. There is space in our dream for all of these scenarios.
Today we start working to make that dream a reality. Because if we are able to accomplish that, I'm confident that the smaller goals we have set for ourselves will happen along the way.
So I ask again, what's YOUR big, scary dream?

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