Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, it's Monday again. 

Hello weekend, goodbye weekend- it seems to pass by that quickly.  But at least another one is only five days away :)

This weekend was full to the brim with a bunch of different things, and I was beyond grateful for that! 

Friday night we went to a local bar for a fish fry and vodka sevens with grenadine.  Highlights?
Showing off a picture of Jake's friend (who happened to go to the same high school as me and now works with Jake- it's a small world!) from his junior year yearbook picture.  Yep, he wore a tux. 
Making the rounds between the two bars in town.  They're literally right across the street from each other. Sometimes it's great to live in a small town :)
Watching Jake sing karaoke
Singing karaoke myself!
Laughing when I found out that Jake's friend couldn't handle the bar- he ended up passing out in the truck before midnight.  We dropped him off and Jake made sure he made it into the house :)

On Saturday I started another diy project with my mama.  It's basically a recipe scrapbook- a place for me to keep track of our favorite recipes, but that still looks pretty!  It has a lot of room left- definitely room to grow!
Then Saturday night was spent at at Toby Keith's with a couple of great friends.  We went out for dinner beforehand and I tried quinoa for the first time.  Seriously, folks, this salad changed my life it was that good.  loved it!
While at Toby Keith's I had my very first celebrity citing!  The conjoined twins from that tv show were at the bar!
Jake then really classed the joint up by dropping his beer.  Nice. haha.


Sunday we got to spend the day with family and then caught up on grocery shopping, watching the snow fall, laundry and the latest episode of The Walking Dead.  Does anyone else watch it?  This was, in my opinion, the best episode of the season so far.  Hopefully it'll keep going!


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