The Leftovers

Does anyone else have a severe case of wanderlust after Helene's link-up yesterday?
I definitely do!  Now if only my bank account felt the same way as I do- or the "money falling out of the sky" gods, perhaps.  Probably never gonna happen, but my mama always taught me to be positive!
I guess I'll escape to the land of literature instead... though it's not nearly as exciting as a trip to anywhere!
Today I'm putting the spotlight on the latest book I read- and I absolutely loved it!  It's the book for my book club that comes up in a couple weeks, and I'm so glad we ended up choosing it!  We have a really high-class version of book club. 
Basically, one of us will go to Barnes & Noble and check out their discount book section.  If we find a book that looks interesting and has enough copies, we buy six of them and tada! we have our next book :)  We don't always find the greatest books ever by doing this, but often they're really good and they're definitely not something we'd normally read!
In The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta, we enter into a society where previously a large portion of the population has mysteriously disappeared.  No explanation, to reason, no hope that they'll ever be back.  They simply vanished into thin air, and we're never left watching their loved ones and acquaintences grapple with coming to terms with their disappearance. 
There are people who lost their entire families, and some who didn't lose anyone in their immediate circle, but everyone is affected.  It's interesting to experience this type of phenomena through the eyes of these characters, because they all react so differently.  Some join cults, others try to pretend as if nothing is wrong, and some just say screw it and live as if no one has a tomorrow. 
I thought this book was absolutely worth the $5.98 we spent on it and I would've happily paid full price for it as well!  The characters were believable, and the premise was interesting.  It was fun to see how people would react, but a lot of the times it was absolutely heart-breaking as well. 
I gave it four out of five stars and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new book!
There's even the bargain priced sticker on there!
This is officially my first book of the 150 for my 101 in 1001!  Good way to start!
What have you been reading lately?

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