My Weekend

Hello hello from this beautiful, perfect, so-happy-it's-here Monday morning...
said no one, ever.
But I suppose I can deal- only five more days until the weekend.  I'll drink to that :)
My weekend consisted of a whole bunch of fun, fun stuff. 
Friday I worked (duh- thank you, Captain Obvious for that one) and then headed home and did a bunch of this...
Which reminds me...I should probably fold all that.
AND, I got the dishwasher unloaded.  Woot woot for getting stuff done!

While Jake and his family went to a fish fry I stayed home and worked on some projects for the baby shower, worked out and went to visit with all of them when they were done eating.
Saturday I had a pretty lazy morning, but eventually got my butt in gear and made it to Michael's for some crafting supplies and made it home in time to start on a painting to use for decoration with the baby shower. 

When Jake came home from work we went to church and then got some Subway for dinner and rented Zero Dark Thirty- it was really good!!  I found myself nervous even though I already knew how it ended- I suppose that shows that it was well-made. 
Sunday I cleaned with my mother-in-law and then came home and got caught up on American Idol while finishing the painting for the baby shower!  I am a fan of American Idol, but there is not way in the world I'd choose to watch it live- there are so. many. damn. commercials. 
So dvr'ing it is definitely the way to go, in my opinion!!
I hope ya'll had a great weekend, too!

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The Pink Growl said...

I am dying to see Zero Dark Thirty! I need to rent it next weekend.