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Looking Forward to Boredom

There's a very good chance I'm lame.

And by very good, I mean 100% chance, maybe bordering on 110%.


I. Am. PUMPED. for tonight.

I have no plans, nothing that absolutely must get done, nowhere to go. And I absolutely love it!

I feel like for the past week or so I've been busy, busy, busy and I'm beyond ready for an entire evening where I can just do whatever the hell I want.

My big, exciting plans for this pm?

1) hang out with Jake before he goes to work
2) workout
3) eat
4) figure out this whole Bloglovin' business

Beyond that?  I have NO idea and I can't wait :)

Does that make me lame?!


Amy said...

Nope! Doesn't make you lame at all!! I LOVE nights where I have no plans. So relaxing!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Not even remotely lame!! Sometimes the nest days are the ones in which you do nothing at all. I have wondered where you'd been! I miss your visits to my blog!

Steph G said...

I had one of those nights last night. It included wine, bravo, chocolate and magazines... it was over way too fast. Enjoy!