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Kristen Thinks I Rock

Yay ME!  One of my favorite blogging gal, Kristen from This Radiant Life nominated me for a Liebster!

Now I'm running super super short on time this morning, so I'm going be be a total buzz-kill for the Liebster goodness and not go through and add my own questions and such.  BUUUUT... that being said, I'd love to see the Liebster love float around- so if you're reading this and would like to do it yourself, consider yourself nominated- and answer the questions Kristen asked! 

I was nominated once before and spent what seemed like an eternity going through, nominating, informing, etc etc I just can't squeeze it in today :(

But thanks, Kristen!  I love this :) 

Five Random Facts About Me:

1)  I can say the alphabet backwards, probably more quickly than I can in the right direction.  

2)  My feet are ALWAYS cold.  100% of the time, even in the summer.  

Except, of course, when I'm drunk.  Then my red high heels come out.

3)  I've gone skydiving, and it was one of the most amazing things ever!  Except for the fact that on the way up in the plane the man I was jumping out with farted... let me tell you, I was ready to get out of that plane!

4)  I spend way too much of my free time online looking at financial planning websites.  But someday when I have every bill paid off and money wasting away in savings I'll be oh-so-glad I do!

5)  Philippa Gregory is, hands down, my favorite author.  

Now for the questions from Kristen:

1) What was your motivation for starting a blog?

When I was online one day I remembered a blog I had started for a semester-long English class in college.  This was a loooong time ago, but it's still up and running and it was so much fun to go back and read about everything I was going through!  I thought it'd be fun to get back to doing that :)  

2) What is your favorite song by Queen?

Cliche, I know, but it's gotta be Bohemian Rhapsody.  My friend Becca and I found ourselves in a little college bar in Tubingen, Germany while we were studying in France, and we got a little tipsy.  The song came on, and we SCREAMED it in its entirety in this bar.  It is still one of my favorite memories ever, and whenever it comes on I can't help but smile :) 

3) What is the best brand of lip balm?

I have to be honest here- I have no idea.  I never wear the stuff!  Like ever.  I'm basically a "I put on mascara in the morning and never bother with anything else" type of girl, so I have no profound wisdom on this!

4) If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

If I had to wear the one color for my entire outfit, I'd probably go with black?  Not because I'm emotionally distant and need to listen to death rock every day, but because it's classic, slimming and generally will match alright.  But if it's that I only get one accent color, I'd probably go with a maroon-y type of shade.  I just think it works for me :) 

5) Jillian Michaels: Yes or No?

Yes, yes yes a million times yes.  I love Jillian Michaels.  Though if she were ever going to be my personal trainer I'd probably cry.  And she'd yell at me.  So I'd cry some more.  But after several months of that circle (including her walking away, throwing her hands in the air, and me pretending to pass out) I'd probably leave the gym with a killer body. 

So yes!
Thank you, Kristen for nominating me, and I'm sorry to be a lame-o and not do the whole thing.


RadiantKristen said...

So fun! I love hearing everyone's random facts, they make me smile. And is there any way to sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody than drunken screaming? I say no.

Deidre said...

Maroon is a great accent colour. I also think I'd do a lot of crying if I had Jillian as a trainer.