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Today I'm joining up with Erin- and I'm sure a million other people because everyone loves Living In Yellow- for her Blogger Crush Link-Up.  Because isn't there always more room for love in the world?  I'm pretty sure there is :)

I'll start with Helene from Helene in Between

Helene in Between

There are a ton of reasons why I love visiting her- but perhaps the number one reason?  She unknowingly taught me the ONLY way I've found so far to keep my hair up while working out.  Seriously.

Yeah, so my stomach doesn't look like hers, but when I'm sweating my ass off my hair stays up!  So thank you, Helene :)

Another reason to love her?  She combined Travel and Blogging into her new link-up, Travel Tuesdays.  Just might be my new favorite thing.  (okay, let's not kid ourselves here, it is my new favorite thing!)

Another one of my favorite blogs to check out is Eat Yourself Skinny.

This should be pretty self explanatory.  She shares her recipes so that we can actually feel like we're eating a full meal without just piling a plate full of junky food that sticks right to the hips!

Plus, she takes pictures that are just out of this world.  Jealous, party of one right here.

Some of my favorites are:

And there are seriously two hundred more that are on my list to try- it's insane how good everything looks! (though believe me when I say that when I try they are definitely not as pretty as she makes them!)

And of course, there's Erin.  But who doesn't love her?

Even mac n' cheese loves her- and I'm 100% sure it's a mutual love.  In the same post where she posted that picture she put another one.  But I would never tell you to go look at it. 
Regardless of whether you chose to search on her blog for it (because I'd never tell you to go there, for fear that she might hate me), I sure we can all agree that her blog is real, honest, funny and inspiring all at the same times. 
I can't wait to see what blogs other people love!


Jennie said...

Eat yourself skinny is a great blog! Love your post =)

Helene said...

day = made. thank you so much!! you are too sweet, i have a crush on you!

Jess said...

I love that picture you used of Erin with the Mac & Cheese shirt- lol!

Some Snapshots Blog

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