Be Still, My Chipotle-loving Heart

Happy wife = happy wife.   That’s how the saying goes, right?
Well today this is absolutely spot-on-perfect!
Jake really outdid himself today, folks.  While I was kind of working slaving away putting in my eight hours at my job, Jake had the day off.  Because of his twelve hour rotating shifts he ends up with quite a few weekdays off- which he loves.  He’s able to get stuff done at the farm without me annoying him to take me on a date :)
We were talking while I was on my lunch break and he was running errands (ok really he was in the McDonald’s drive through as we were talking, but he was most definitely going to start doing errands!) and I realized that he would be in a town which has the Holy Grail of fast food joints – CHIPOTLE.
If you’ve never been, I’m so so sorry for you and I hope that you click on THIS and find your very own neighborhood Chipotle.  After you have GPS’d your fastest route there, please go.  And then come back and finish reading this.  Pretty please? 
Well, now that your tummy is full with epic goodness, let’s continue, shall we?
Now because we live in a pretty small town we don’t have our own Chipotle.  But since he was going to be so close, I requested some for dinner.  And here it is…

A one-pound sack of heaven, right there.
Jake is a good, good man J
This leads me to my latest cooking inspiration- Chipotle-inspired meals!
I’ve seen a bunch of these pinned/posted/liked recently, and I really should try some of them out. 
But for now, I’ll be eating the store-bought version instead.
And that makes me very, very happy.


Lindsay Kuznicki said...

How sweet! Joe and I just celebrated our 6 years together this past February and are experiencing life as newlyweds too! So exciting! It makes me smile to know you are so happy with the one you love!

RadiantKristen said...

As a Coloradoan (aka the birthplace), I have to say that we love Chipotle. When left to his own devices, Ammon eats it 6-10 times a week. We have been trying to cut him back lately. Things got out of hand there for a minute.

But we definitely know exactly how to make the pico de gallo, the rice, and the guac. Everything else is a little bit of a mystery, and you have to do investgating to find recipes for.