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Weekend wrap up

Have you ever had a weekend where you got every little thing on your to do list done, plus a couple more things you didn't dream you'd have time to get to??

That was my weekend, and goodness am I grateful!!!

The house is clean, I finished a book, organized the two spare rooms that were potential FEMA disaster spots, made a refrigerator meal I can have for lunch this week, finished a craft I started last week and still had time to empty out my dvr queue and watch the Grammys--- did anyone else fall even more in love with Justin Timberlake???

Loved it, lived this weekend, and hoping that this week is just as awesome!!

How was your weekend?

I'm linking up with Sami for Weekend Update :)


The Pink Growl said...

I could not love JT more...he just does no wrong in my eyes! Love him!

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