Wedding Dresses & Omelettes

Please join me in a collective frown- it's Monday again. 
I have one thing to say to Monday:
Boo, you whore.
(All credit given to Mean Girls, of course)
Luckily I did have a busy weekend to make up for Monday coming so quickly.
Jake and I tried our hand at making omelettes for the first time- and they happened to be a great success, I'm happy to report!
Even though this was an incredibly easy meal, I'm still counting it as my first new recipe tried for my 101 in 1001- cause I've never made them before, so it was new to me :)  

I was also very happy to see that I got my wedding dress back from the cleaners- nice and clean and put away in the box!!I loved my dress :)

Right as I pulled in to a parking lot on Saturday morning all the snow from the top of my car fell onto my windshield... maybe I should push off that snow from now on!!  Luckily it didn't happen on the highway though- small blessings :)
I also got a bunch of crafting done, watched some movies, did some workouts and had a date night in with Jake to watch the Oscars!  I'll be showing the crafts later on this week hopefully, and the results of our Oscar ballots too!!
How was your weekend?


The Pink Growl said...

I feel the EXACT SAME WAY about Monday! haha Love your dress, looks so pretty!

Jaime Hungry said...

Omlette....stupid autocorrect

RadiantKristen said...

Wow, that beading on your dress! I can see why you're glad to have it back from the cleaners... I would probably pull it down to look at it at least once a month =)