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Paranoid Much?

So guys, I'd love your opinion on something that happened to me today.

I'm not sure if I:

a) should be proud of myself for being guarded and think of self-preservation first

b) be sad for assuming the worst in people

c) be upset that the world has made me this way


d) all of the above

Today I was very unelegantly shuffling back to work from my house after my lunch break.  It has finally hit the hot hot temperature of 0 degrees in Minnesota, so I was glad to no longer be trudging around in below-zero weather, but the two inches of ice covering all walkways did make it more precarious that I'd like for it to be.

Well, I'm probably ten feet away from crossing the street when I notice that an SUV has stopped at the stop sign for a really long time- and shows no indication of moving anytime soon.  Well, I look over at the vehicle and the driver is just staring right at me.  So, I do what any sane girl does- snap my head back down and grab my phone from my pocket in case he decides to steal me off the sidewalk.

When I reach the crosswalk another car passes by, and just as I'm going to step into the road after they've passed, the man in the SUV yells out and asks if I want a ride.  Honestly, I was a bit confused and did little more than shake my head.  He drives off, and I breathe a sigh of relief and think "creeper".

Then I took a second to think about what had happened.

In one scenario, a nice young man notices a girl struggling to walk on the icy sidewalks, and goes out of his way to offer this girl a ride to her final destination so she gets there safely.

In another scenario, the nice young man is really a crazed serial killer who stalks his prey by driving around and asking people if he can help them.  When they accept, he takes them to their final destination- his basement, where he stores them until the ground has thawed and he can bury them in his backyard.

I'm going to assume that he was probably much more like the man in the first scenario- and that I probably came off as a bit of a witch.    But how sad is it that the second scenario is actually a possibility- and that it definitely happens?

What do you think of the question I first asked?  Should I be happy or disappointed with myself?  What would you have done?

(I don't have any pictures because I was ready to use my phone to call the police if scenario two came to pass...)


Amy said...

I think you are probably right that he was more like the person in scenario 1, trying to do a good deed. BUT I also think you can never be sure with these types of things, and I would have done the same thing. When it comes to strangers, unfortunately you can never be too certain. So good intentions or not, always good to be safe!

Unknown said...

I am the most paranoid person EVER but also have the guiltiest concience -- (I know I spelt that wrong, don't judge me) SO I would have for sure rejected the ride but probably would have been super nice about the rejection.

Can't trust anyone these days! Sad world!

Jaime Hungry said...

Be appreciative but put your safety first!

RadiantKristen said...

You did the right thing! So many times we as women can be TOO trusting. It's important to be safe, no matter what.

bonbon said...

I think it's sad that our society has made us this way but I understand where you are coming from and why you had to act that way. A sad reflection on our society. And also, zero degree weather being warm for you?!? You poor poor thing how do you survive winters in Minnesota?!? Just found your blog and have enjoyed your writing! I'm excited to read more.

new follower :)

Anonymous said...

The saying stranger danger issssssssss definitely true. I am the most PARANOID person on this earth so don't feel bad, even if he was being nice, I wouldn't have gotten into that car whatsoever! No need to worry about it :)