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Outrunning the Dream...or not

Today I’m going to give you a little bit of insight on my mind- how exciting, right?!
For as long as I can remember I’ve had the same recurring dream.  I’m not exaggerating here at all- I seriously cannot remember a time before I started having this recurring dream.  It may be because when I was younger my favorite movie was always Night of the Twisters (anyone remember Devin Sawa?  Anyone?  Besides the adorable JTT, Devin was my #1 celebrity crush when I was a kid).  Basically the movie follows the events of a town and one specific family as it deals with a night where several tornados hit ground and cause a bunch of damage and injuries- yep, it was great movie fare for a little kid…
Anywho, this was my FAVORITE movie when I was a kid.  My older brother remembers me watching it all the time, and I still know a lot of the lines by heart (hubby and I may have definitely watched it on our honeymoon because the hotel randomly had it as a movie you could borrow from the front desk- he didn’t really understand the epic glory that is Night of the Twisters, but by then I had already said “I do” so there wasn’t much to do.  I was stuck.  But I guess I’ll forgive him this one shortcoming.  If I have to.
So, for as long as I can remember I’ve had a dream that wherever I am (this changes every time- I’m always in a different place with different people) is under a tornado warning.  Without fail, no matter if I’m skiing in Africa, babysitting in Canada or making pie at my own house, these tornadoes come. They always hit the ground, and they always come straight to where I am.  Now in my dream some type of superhero adrenaline kicks in and I can outrun the tornado.  Every. Single. Time.
Sometimes I have to jump over cars, sometimes I have to scale walls, sometimes I have to instantaneously learn how to drive an Army-issue tank; it makes no difference what I come across, I am able to escape the tornadoes.
Well last night I had the same dream.  I was at work (but not my own work- some random dream-world-job that I had).  In the dream I normally ate my lunch in my car, but because of the storm I went to my high school friend’s house instead to have lunch and wait out the storm.  (Random fact- this friend is getting married this summer and I see his face every day on our fridge from his save-the-date!)  As I’m in his house it starts to hail really badly outside- they hailstones are the size of basketballs, easily.
Then, as the hails pouring down and I’m crouched in the bathroom, everything goes silent and the house is lifted up off the ground.  As I look around and all I see is sky and feel the pull of gravity pull me down, I remember thinking “well, crap.  I’ve outrun one too many tornadoes.  I guess there’s no escaping this one.  This SUCKS.”  I got pretty scared of smashing to the ground, so my subconscious self forced me to wake up, and I couldn’t fall back asleep for the life of me.
Are any of you dream readers?  I’d love to know what this change means!  I ALWAYS escape from the tornadoes in my dreams with superhuman ease- and I probably have one of these dreams every other month at least.  Last night, though, I didn’t even try to escape!  I just watched as it happened.

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