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My Own Personal Dictionary

Well, here I am, and here is Thursday.  Thursday, in my own personal dictionary has this definition:

yay let's celebrate but not get to crazy but still be really happy all day because I know tomorrow when I wake up it's Friday, which is absolutely the best day of the week besides Saturday, but Saturday is kind of sad because one whole weekend evening is already gone so really let's celebrate it being Thursday because tomorrow when I wake up I'll still have the entire weekend ahead of me

My own personal dictionary gets kind of long-winded at times, but it does accurately describe words and what they mean to me, so I'll forgive it's long winded-ness.

Some other words in my own personal dictionary?


1) woot woot alcohol it's time to party so grab your bottle and your best dancing shoes and let's play the ultimate version of drinking olympics and take a ridiculous amount of pictures of things that we'll never be able to remember in the morning and then sleep until we have to pee and then spend the rest of the day eating potato chips and watching trashy tv
2) instead of taking shots and becoming a late-night-superhero with horrible coordination, a bad memory and a laugh that never ends, last night I was a complete pansy because after my first drink I got really tired and the only thing I could do was fall asleep on the couch at ten oclock with my drink precariously perched on the edge of the couch cushion, where it stayed until another drinker who could stay awake stole it and finished it
3) drink, drink, drink, drunk dial

Black pants:

See: hell.

Alarm clock:

the buzzing won't stop and instead of jumping out of bed to start my day I turn off that damn buzzing until I have roughly enough time to shower, brush teeth and eat a prepacked breakfast that will leave me hungry an hour later but at least I got that extra half hour of time in bed, but instead of sleeping I spent it pre-planning my plan of attack on the alarm clock the next time it goes off.  When a day off finally rolls around, though, and my alarm clock never has to go off, somehow my body decides it's too good for sleep and wakes me up an hour before my alarm clock would go off anyway and these days I actually justify waking up early.


See: black pants.

Clearly my own personal dictionary isn't a fan of alphabatizing, but I let it pass- it's too busy thinking of new ways to sleep in later during the week.


RadiantKristen said...

I love your definition of black pants. Mine always end up with weird spots on them. Grey and brown are my colors of choice!

Kayla Peveler said...

hahaha hell: black pants. LOL