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My Oscars Top 5

I've seen a lot of bloggers who have been showing their favorite Oscar looks, and I wanted to do the same!  Now believe me when I tell you that I am not a fashionista by any means.  My oufits generally include either sweatpants or a sweatshirt, but I occasionally dream of what I would wear if I got the chance to go to a super-fancy event.
The 5 ladies below are wearing dresses I'd love to wear- if only I had the money and the occasion to do so!

This dress, to me, just screams "classy" and "sexy" at the same time.  The lace is to-die-for, but the little bit of skin showing makes it exciting.  Also, I love the full coverage on the upper chest area.

Jennifer Aniston looks like such a modern-day princess in this dress- I just love it! 

Love the hair, love the sparkle, love the color, love it all.

The absolutely epitome of grace, beauty and love- it's pefect!
Amanda was my best-dressed for the night.  I thought the dress was gorgeous- the color, the detail and the cutout on the top were gorgeous!!! 


Jaime Hungry said...

Hooray I've been waiting for someone to do this since I actually watched! I'd replace whoever is Channing Tatums date with Jennifer Lawrence, but other than that I totally agree!

Helene said...

oooh love your picks!! i love watching for the fashion, its just so fun!

Anonymous said...

All of my favorite actresses and they all look gorgeous!!! :)))