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Living Room Beach Party

So this weekend I'll probably be drinking fruity cocktails while wearing my sunglasses around the house and blasting a mix of The Beach Boys, Kenny Chesney and Bob Marley.  I just wanted to warn ya'll what kind of mood I'm in... I'm in the kind of mood where I want to escape to the beach.  Like now.

Although I'm always ready to pack up for an extended trip to the ocean, I'm really feeling the desire to go lately- because my parents are going to be in Mexico this weekend.

Yep, Mexico.  This is great for them- and I'm very happy they get to go!  They can enjoy the sand, the surf, the margaritas, the men-watching.  Okay they probably won't do that last one.  (Well, at least my dad won't.  My mom probably will.  Cause how could you not!?)  But while they do that, I'll be wishing I were doing it too-


or here-

and definitely here-

Yesterday I sent my family an e-mail that went something like this:

side note- if you don't know what a Muggle is, I'm not entirely sure we can be friends.  Seriously.  (I'll let you in on the secret- a Muggle is a non-magic folk from Harry Potter.  Now just pretend like you knew that the whole time so I can be blissfully unaware, k?  :)  Thanks.) 
Backstory- my mom, grandma, cousin and I went to Harry Potter Universe last year over Super Bowl (best Super Bowl I've ever had, I won't lie).  My mom bought Dumbledore's wand and spent the rest of our lives the trip telling us "I'm magic!" 
The only response I got to my lovely e-mail?  My sister telling me to stop doing drugs in the morning because they make me weirder than I already am. 

Whatever, sister.  I'm always normal.

Now if I could only find a way to open a sun umbrella in my living room this weekend without any bad luck...

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

This makes me long for the beach :)