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Happy happy day!

It's the day of LOOOOVE!!!!

Now I must be honest.  Ever since I saw the first Sex & the City movie every Valentine's Day makes me think of Carrie & Miranda sitting in that overly decorated restaurant and getting in a huge fight.

Anyone else?

Seriously ridiculous. 

Hubby and I are working opposite shifts today, so we'll have lucky to see each other for a full half hour- so I figured I'd celebrate with some blogging buddies instead!

I'm teaming up with Madeline and Chrissy to give YOU some special Valentine's Day presents- from our hearts to yours :)

Enter below to win a $15 iTunes gift card, $10 Starbucks gift card and 2 ad spaces!
Can you feel the love?

Typing can you feel the love just reminded me of my schoolgirl crush on JTT (because who can forget him being Simba in the Liong King?  Cue the soundtrack now!)- so, in the spirit of Valentine's Day I'm going to bring back a picture from a while back...

You're welcome.
Now go win you some goodies!!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad to be considered one of your Valentine's!! Brian and are are on opposite schedules today too until about 7 boooo!! Oh well, have a lovely day and I love the flowers you posted on Instagram!

Brian, for some reason, thought I would not appreciate flowers on valentines day haha craziness!!!