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Goal of 70!

Here I am for my weekly Goal of 70! 

I've made it two whole weeks checking in on the same topic- I should definitely get some type of award, right?! 

Yeah, you're right- probably not.

But, I said that I was going to commit to staying on track, so here we go-

I've been able to continue working out, I'm happy to say.  This weekend hubby was working nights, so that made it much easier to get the workouts in.  I don't know about everyone else, but I actually find it more difficult to work out on most weekends than during the week.  I guess during the week I can build my workouts into my schedule, whereas on weekends my schedule is much more up in the air. 

But, I was able to work out two of the three days!  Friday hit me with a nasty headache, so that kept me from being too active, but on Saturday night I did Insanity and Sunday morning I woke up and did Pilates.  I had every intention of working out again on Sunday night, but then I realized both the Grammys AND The Walking Dead were on, so I was content with my one workout for the day :)

My eating has still been on track pretty well.  I used to be a die-hard cereal fan.  Seriously, cereal would have been my number one go-to food for breakfast, but I've cut myself off and haven't had it in weeks- and strangely enough, I don't miss it in the morning!  My fruit & low fat yogurt has been keeping me completely satisfied :) 

As of this morning I've lost 13 pounds- and I'm pretty darn well pleased with that!  All the Insanity has zapped every molecule of fat from my calves and replaced them with muscle.  Getting ready to walk like a model down the beach with a swimsuit and high heels ;)

haha yeah probably not.

I also realized today that my pants are loose enough now that I don't have to unbutton them or unzip them to take them off!  Now granted they were never skin tight, but this is a definite improvement :)

Tonight hubby & I are celebrating Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie where we had our first date, so no workout again today- but I did do Zumba last night and will work out again tomorrow!

I hope all your goals are working out for you, too!!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

13 pounds!! That's awesome Ashley!!

RadiantKristen said...

13 pounds is fantastic! And every pound of muscle that you build burns an extra 25-50 calories a day, so you are on the fast track to meeting all of your goals and more. You can do it!

Amy said...

13 pounds is AWESOME!! What an inspiration you are :)

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

I came over to visit your blog after you commented on mine. (now im your newest follower!) :) What a great post, you are funny... Made me smile when you mentioned the walking dead... I was thinking, yup thats a good reason to skip a work out! haha Im a big walking dead fan too! LOL

Congrats on the weight loss too! Ahh I loved that feeling when pants/clothes started getting loose! Yay for you. ♥

Much love,

Anonymous said...

EEK The Walking Dead was AMAZING. So obsessed with that show, and pretty much every other show on TV haha. But I'm glad your gym seshes have been going good, rowing team has kicked my butt but I have to make it to varsity so I have to work super hard.

Hopefully I'll look like Adriana Lima by summertime haha