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Dance Moms & Presents

Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day yesterday?!
Mine included getting surprise flowers at work, a workout and a marathon of Dance Moms because my husband had to work all night.  Sad for him, and though I should maybe be ashamed to admit it, I enjoyed my Dance Moms :)  (It's probably the guiltiest pleasure of my life, and it's ok if you want to judge- I kind of judge myself, truth be told.)
Turns out the other night when I was annoyed because he got home so late he was actually at his mom's house ordering me these flowers to be sent to my work.  Maybe I'll rethink my frustration next time :) 
Along with being my husband's Valentine, I also got to share Valentine's Day with two lovely gals through the Valentine's Day Swap hosted by Megan and Erin
This was my very first swap to participate in, and it was so much fun to not only get a present in the mail, but also to send one to someone else!!
Earlier this week I got a pretty pretty package from Amy!
I must be honest, the box her gift was sent in was much prettier than the one I sent mine in... lesson learned for next time- pretty packaging is good :)
And without further ado, here's what I was given...
I started opening the box and then I remembered that I should probably be documenting this!!!  So here's my delivery from Amy :)

I don't know HOW she got all this stuff within the price range limit, but boy am I glad she did!!  The candle smells amazing- the whole house just smells better now!  The scarf is proudly a hook in my bedroom just waiting for the perfect outfit to wear it with, and I will definitely be putting a wedding picture in the frame!!  Also, I'm told my husband that we need to start making more excuses to wash our hands so we can get rid of our old soap and start using the new stuff I got!

And to go perfectly with my blog name, Amy sent me a postcard from Santa Barbara!
I love all my stuff!!
Thanks so much, Amy!!!
I got great stuff in my swap, and if you're curious on what I gave, head on over to visit Jessica :)


Amy said...

I am so glad that you liked everything!! It was so fun shopping for you :)

Rach said...

Oh this is so precious! Amy is so thoughtful and sweet! :)