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Christmas in February

Have you ever been really really excited for a Christmas, birthday or any other type of gift you chose for someone?  I'm talking the kind of excited where you
This was me, this Christmas, for my dad.  I had chosen this gift, placed the order, checked my e-mail daily for the shipping confirmation.
The shipping confirmation that didn't come.
In fact, that still hasn't come.
Now I didn't buy this off some shoddy strange website with strange advertisements and pop-ups every fifteen seconds.  No, this is from a company that we all know (and probably love!)
Well my love's running a bit thing right about now.
Yep, no love from me. 
I originally placed my order at the end of November.  But something happened with their system where it rejected my order (I should've taken this as a sign, apparently).  So I called in and my order officially got placed on December 2nd.  Then, the item was on backorder, so I gave the ok for a 30 day extension.  So it was supposed to ship on January 15.
But that didn't happen.  So I tried e-mailing their customer service line.  I've always had really good experiences with their customer service.  But apparently they decided to ignore all three of my e-mails.  Wonderful.  So I called today, and was told it'll be shipped today. 
Wish me luck that it happens!
Now if I could really sneak into my parent's luggage like I wanted to yesterday...

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Staci said...

Geez louise that is a hot mess! I really want to know what this present is because I would have given up a looong time ago!