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101 in 1001

I've seen a bunch of these "101 in 1001" lists floating around the internet, and I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring, too!  So, starting tomorrow (February 22, 2013) and ending 1001 days from then (November 20, 2015) I'd like to do the following 101 things.

Some are expensive, some are very cheap.  Some will require a lot of time invested, some will require very little.  Almost all will push me to do something different-something exciting-something I've never done before-or something I've always wanted to do again. 

As I read through the list, I can only imagine how exciting the next 1001 days will be if I can do all these things!!

So, here I go :)

Go to France with Jake
Go back to Disney / Universal Studios
Buy robes for another house in Gryffindor from Harry Potter Universe
Get a passport in my married name
Get a stamp in my passport with my married name!
Go on a random spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway- preferably have a plane involved :)
Have a college reunion
Take a road trip to a city I've never been to before
Visit Freya in Wisconsin- or wherever she ends up next
Visit Becca in Michigan
Visit Sami
Visit Kerry in Chicago
Add myself to Jake's travel calendar
Add the trips Jake & I have taken together to travel calendar
Make global travel calendar

Have Credit Card Paid Off
Have 2 Student Loans paid off
Have $5000 in savings
Pay 2 mortgage payments ahead
Pay off car
Pay off truck
Pay off wedding

Read the Lord of the Rings books
Read 150 books from today to a year from now
Curl up and read an entire book in 1 day
Collect every Philippa Gregory book

Lose 20 pounds
Lose 40 pounds
Lose 70 pounds
Run a 5k
Run a full marathon
Win the "Baby Jesus Run for the Son" on Christmas morning
Have pictures taken after reaching goal weight
Be able to do 10 push-ups
Be able to do 20 push-ups

Around the House
Start a flower garden
Start a vegetable garden
Get a hot tub
Replace curtains on main level

Make Wedding book
Make wedding collage for dining room
Make wedding frame for office
Do 10 Pinterest projects
Do 25 Pinterest projects
Do 50 Pinterest projects
Do 100 Pinterest projects
Make wreath for front door
Make boxes for above windows
Get up to date with our scrapbook
Make spice rack
Build pallet wine glass/bottle holder
Make 5 aprons
Find a pattern and make a 50's-style dress

Grow to 100 Followers
Grow to 500 Followers
Grow to 1000 Followers
Have 10 posts ready as drafts for busy days
Make a blog2print book

Make 10 new recipes
Make 25 new recipes
Make 50 new recipes
Make 75 new recipes
Make 100 new recipes
Find a recipe I love for homemade chicken pot pies
Make my own cookbook with our favorite recipes- and with room to expand for new recipes!
Learn to make crepes
Leart to make lefse

Expand our family
Do an awesome light up your campsite
Go on a trip with the family
Sister's trip to Vegas!
Overnight casino trip with Nikki

New Experiences
Watch the Star Wars movies and actually understand what's going on
Go on hot air balloon ride
Sneak into a second movie after seeing one movie
Go on a picnic
Get a massage
Turn off cell phone for 24 hours- and no internet either.
Babysit nephews/nieces overnight
Go to a movie by myself
Go to dinner by myself- no book- no phone
Go to Valleyfair
Eat something fried & on a stick
Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle
Go to museum/zoo
Go out dancing
Buy something to wear I'd never normally wear & wear it out to dinner
Hayrack ride through town just for fun
Get a bounce house and have a party!!
Play paintball
Take Dance Classes
Take extra continuing ed. class for fun
Send someone flowers for no reason
Give everyone a handmade Christmas gift
Spend $50 doing max bet on a penny machine at casino- and hopefully leave with much more :)

Start raising hogs
Participate in Henderson Tractor Ride again

Things to buy
Get Photoshop
Buy a nice camera
Buy a silhouette
Buy the perfect "little black dress"


Maggie B. said...

such a big list! Good luck! =) I'd be totally overwhelmed, but I do love lists. I did a 30 for 30 list this year. Sadly, I'm not going to get to them all before I turn 31, but I'm ok with it.

RadiantKristen said...

You have some incredible items on your list! Vogue patterns has reproduced a whole bunch of their vintage dress patterns... My bridesmaids are wearing 8789, I'm wearing 1094, and my mom is wearing 2903 for my wedding! They go on sale all the time for just a couple of dollars... I got my dress pattern for $1.99!

Also, starting a garden is so relaxing. There are tons of tips and tricks on pinterest that could help you reach your pinterest goal, and your gardening goal at the same time. The best tip is to start your seeds in toilet paper rolls filled with potting soil.

Can't wait to hear about your adventures that result from this list =)