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My Own Personal Dictionary

Well, here I am, and here is Thursday.  Thursday, in my own personal dictionary has this definition:

yay let's celebrate but not get to crazy but still be really happy all day because I know tomorrow when I wake up it's Friday, which is absolutely the best day of the week besides Saturday, but Saturday is kind of sad because one whole weekend evening is already gone so really let's celebrate it being Thursday because tomorrow when I wake up I'll still have the entire weekend ahead of me

My own personal dictionary gets kind of long-winded at times, but it does accurately describe words and what they mean to me, so I'll forgive it's long winded-ness.

Some other words in my own personal dictionary?


1) woot woot alcohol it's time to party so grab your bottle and your best dancing shoes and let's play the ultimate version of drinking olympics and take a ridiculous amount of pictures of things that we'll never be able to remember in the morning and then sleep until we have to pee and then spend the rest of the day eating potato chips and watching trashy tv
2) instead of taking shots and becoming a late-night-superhero with horrible coordination, a bad memory and a laugh that never ends, last night I was a complete pansy because after my first drink I got really tired and the only thing I could do was fall asleep on the couch at ten oclock with my drink precariously perched on the edge of the couch cushion, where it stayed until another drinker who could stay awake stole it and finished it
3) drink, drink, drink, drunk dial

Black pants:

See: hell.

Alarm clock:

the buzzing won't stop and instead of jumping out of bed to start my day I turn off that damn buzzing until I have roughly enough time to shower, brush teeth and eat a prepacked breakfast that will leave me hungry an hour later but at least I got that extra half hour of time in bed, but instead of sleeping I spent it pre-planning my plan of attack on the alarm clock the next time it goes off.  When a day off finally rolls around, though, and my alarm clock never has to go off, somehow my body decides it's too good for sleep and wakes me up an hour before my alarm clock would go off anyway and these days I actually justify waking up early.


See: black pants.

Clearly my own personal dictionary isn't a fan of alphabatizing, but I let it pass- it's too busy thinking of new ways to sleep in later during the week.


My Oscars Top 5

I've seen a lot of bloggers who have been showing their favorite Oscar looks, and I wanted to do the same!  Now believe me when I tell you that I am not a fashionista by any means.  My oufits generally include either sweatpants or a sweatshirt, but I occasionally dream of what I would wear if I got the chance to go to a super-fancy event.
The 5 ladies below are wearing dresses I'd love to wear- if only I had the money and the occasion to do so!

This dress, to me, just screams "classy" and "sexy" at the same time.  The lace is to-die-for, but the little bit of skin showing makes it exciting.  Also, I love the full coverage on the upper chest area.

Jennifer Aniston looks like such a modern-day princess in this dress- I just love it! 

Love the hair, love the sparkle, love the color, love it all.

The absolutely epitome of grace, beauty and love- it's pefect!
Amanda was my best-dressed for the night.  I thought the dress was gorgeous- the color, the detail and the cutout on the top were gorgeous!!! 

Wedding Dresses & Omelettes

Please join me in a collective frown- it's Monday again. 
I have one thing to say to Monday:
Boo, you whore.
(All credit given to Mean Girls, of course)
Luckily I did have a busy weekend to make up for Monday coming so quickly.
Jake and I tried our hand at making omelettes for the first time- and they happened to be a great success, I'm happy to report!
Even though this was an incredibly easy meal, I'm still counting it as my first new recipe tried for my 101 in 1001- cause I've never made them before, so it was new to me :)  

I was also very happy to see that I got my wedding dress back from the cleaners- nice and clean and put away in the box!!I loved my dress :)

Right as I pulled in to a parking lot on Saturday morning all the snow from the top of my car fell onto my windshield... maybe I should push off that snow from now on!!  Luckily it didn't happen on the highway though- small blessings :)
I also got a bunch of crafting done, watched some movies, did some workouts and had a date night in with Jake to watch the Oscars!  I'll be showing the crafts later on this week hopefully, and the results of our Oscar ballots too!!
How was your weekend?


Happy Friday!

Oh thank goodness, it's finally Friday.

I feel like every week goes by pretty quickly, but at the same time it takes FOREVER for Friday to actually get here.  Here in Minnesota the snow just keeps piling up.  It's supposed to continue snowing for the rest of the day, so it's anyone's guess as to how much snow will actually accumulate.  Regardless, it seems like a perfect weekend to watch some movies, read some books and just lie low :)

Maybe I'll get started on some Pinterest-inspired projects...maybe.

At about five am my eyes shot open and I had the hardest time falling back asleep for the last hour and a half I could get.  I had been dreaming about some murder that had happened (didn't really happen, just my brain working overtime) and there was a loud bang that sounded like the front door being slammed shut. 

I was completely freaked out that someone had come into the house and I was going to be adult-napped any minute.  So, like any really really smart 25-year-old, I just tried to stay reeeeeeallly quiet and hope they'd take the tv from our main level and not venture upstairs. 

Luckily, there was no sign of anyone when I made my way downstairs later in the morning.  Our tv was even where we had left it.  Hopefully I can say the same thing when I go home for lunch :)

I'm pretty sure it was just the sound of the neighbor shovelling his driveway that woke me up- but still, I was freaked.  One too many scary movies for this girl, I guess.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!!


101 in 1001

I've seen a bunch of these "101 in 1001" lists floating around the internet, and I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring, too!  So, starting tomorrow (February 22, 2013) and ending 1001 days from then (November 20, 2015) I'd like to do the following 101 things.

Some are expensive, some are very cheap.  Some will require a lot of time invested, some will require very little.  Almost all will push me to do something different-something exciting-something I've never done before-or something I've always wanted to do again. 

As I read through the list, I can only imagine how exciting the next 1001 days will be if I can do all these things!!

So, here I go :)

Go to France with Jake
Go back to Disney / Universal Studios
Buy robes for another house in Gryffindor from Harry Potter Universe
Get a passport in my married name
Get a stamp in my passport with my married name!
Go on a random spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway- preferably have a plane involved :)
Have a college reunion
Take a road trip to a city I've never been to before
Visit Freya in Wisconsin- or wherever she ends up next
Visit Becca in Michigan
Visit Sami
Visit Kerry in Chicago
Add myself to Jake's travel calendar
Add the trips Jake & I have taken together to travel calendar
Make global travel calendar

Have Credit Card Paid Off
Have 2 Student Loans paid off
Have $5000 in savings
Pay 2 mortgage payments ahead
Pay off car
Pay off truck
Pay off wedding

Read the Lord of the Rings books
Read 150 books from today to a year from now
Curl up and read an entire book in 1 day
Collect every Philippa Gregory book

Lose 20 pounds
Lose 40 pounds
Lose 70 pounds
Run a 5k
Run a full marathon
Win the "Baby Jesus Run for the Son" on Christmas morning
Have pictures taken after reaching goal weight
Be able to do 10 push-ups
Be able to do 20 push-ups

Around the House
Start a flower garden
Start a vegetable garden
Get a hot tub
Replace curtains on main level

Make Wedding book
Make wedding collage for dining room
Make wedding frame for office
Do 10 Pinterest projects
Do 25 Pinterest projects
Do 50 Pinterest projects
Do 100 Pinterest projects
Make wreath for front door
Make boxes for above windows
Get up to date with our scrapbook
Make spice rack
Build pallet wine glass/bottle holder
Make 5 aprons
Find a pattern and make a 50's-style dress

Grow to 100 Followers
Grow to 500 Followers
Grow to 1000 Followers
Have 10 posts ready as drafts for busy days
Make a blog2print book

Make 10 new recipes
Make 25 new recipes
Make 50 new recipes
Make 75 new recipes
Make 100 new recipes
Find a recipe I love for homemade chicken pot pies
Make my own cookbook with our favorite recipes- and with room to expand for new recipes!
Learn to make crepes
Leart to make lefse

Expand our family
Do an awesome light up your campsite
Go on a trip with the family
Sister's trip to Vegas!
Overnight casino trip with Nikki

New Experiences
Watch the Star Wars movies and actually understand what's going on
Go on hot air balloon ride
Sneak into a second movie after seeing one movie
Go on a picnic
Get a massage
Turn off cell phone for 24 hours- and no internet either.
Babysit nephews/nieces overnight
Go to a movie by myself
Go to dinner by myself- no book- no phone
Go to Valleyfair
Eat something fried & on a stick
Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle
Go to museum/zoo
Go out dancing
Buy something to wear I'd never normally wear & wear it out to dinner
Hayrack ride through town just for fun
Get a bounce house and have a party!!
Play paintball
Take Dance Classes
Take extra continuing ed. class for fun
Send someone flowers for no reason
Give everyone a handmade Christmas gift
Spend $50 doing max bet on a penny machine at casino- and hopefully leave with much more :)

Start raising hogs
Participate in Henderson Tractor Ride again

Things to buy
Get Photoshop
Buy a nice camera
Buy a silhouette
Buy the perfect "little black dress"


Goal of 70 - Week 3

Here I am for week three of my Goal of 70 postings.  I contemplated skipping it this week so that next week I could have more exciting results to share, but I figure that if I don’t post on the not-so-great weeks then really what’s the point?

This last weekend I had an awesome couple days- I got to spend time with a lot of people that are very special to me and I was busy from the time I woke up Friday morning to Sunday night.

This, however, did not help me stay on track with the weight loss I had been having up until Friday.  Over the weekend instead of losing anything I actually gained 2 pounds.  I know why this happened- dinner out + fondue + no workouts = weight gain.  Am I grateful for the weekend?  Yes, absolutely.  But, it also kind of put me off track a bit.

I have done Insanity both Monday and yesterday, and I can definitely tell that I am getting stronger!  For the biweekly “fit tests” that are part of the Insanity system I have improved on all the exercises, which is a great feeling!  Also, I can tell that not only can I do more, I’m more flexible and my form has improved- so I’m happy with all of those.

I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and that the more muscle you have the more you burn throughout the day, but I’m hoping that next week not only will I be that much stronger, but I will have also lost more weight!

Whereas last week I had lost a total of 13 pounds, as of this morning I am down 12 pounds- which means I’ve gained a pound over all.

But, positive thinking makes positive results- so I’m still proud of all I’ve done so far J


Book Review - Safe Haven

Here I go with round two of my book reviews for 2013.  After finishing The Murderer's Daughters I knew Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks would be my next book; I definitely want to see the movie, and I like to read books before I watch their film adaptation.
The basic outline:
I went with four stars for this book; there was nothing earth-shattering or even distinctly original in the storyline, but it kept me engaged from the first page. I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks and I'm not ashamed to admit it- the cheesy love stories get me every time :) I won't reveal too much, but I did shed quite a few tears at one point, and I think that shows that I really was invested in both the storyline and the characters!
As usual with Nicholas Sparks, many of the characters seemed almost too perfect, but honestly I'm okay with that.  I read love stories for entertainment, not for a completely realistic portrayal of the human condition.  Sometimes it's nice to just read about people from the best possible angle- and Nicholas Sparks definitely has this down to an art form.

Now I cannot wait to see the movie!!! 

Julianne Hough & John Duhamel in a Nicholas Sparks movie? 

Count me in!

Have you read the book or seen the movie?  How did you like it?  If you haven't, do you want to? 


And Grandma for $39

Today I'm linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!! 
So I'll get right on with it... 
Friday night consisted of completely throwing my diet away for a blackberry margarita (see: heaven) and a margharita pizza.  Now, because I was a) hungry and b) really hungry I didn't manage to snap a picture of the pizza, but let me tell you- it was lovely.
I had dinner with my husband Jake, his mom, his sister & brother-in-law and another of his sisters.  Why?  Because directly afterwards we saw George Strait & Martina McBride!!  Loved loved loved it.  Two legends performing Johnny Cash songs together?  Epic.
The people behind us must have thought they were too cool for school, cause they proceeded to spill drinks the entire night, drunkly scream at each other and get kicked out of the building.  Classy folks, definitely classy.   

As you can see from the picture, we were WAAAAY up high in the bleachers.  Believe me, I wouldn't have gotten in a fight for anything at this high up- I'd be way to scarred death would be the result. 

On Saturday I woke up at my parent's house and got to hear them tell me all about their Mexican vacation- I kind of hate them.  Here's a pictures of my dad on their trip:
Awkward?  Yes.  Awesome? Not really so sure about that.  Funny?  Definitely

After the story-telling, I spent the entire day with my grandma.  First we saw Identity Thief (Hilarious!!!), then we went to the casino for lunch and playing a bit (she won $39 off a 40 cent bet!!) and then she came to our house where we gave her the grand tour and did fondu with some friends.
It was a great day with grandma :)
Sunday was much more low-key.  Church, breakfast date with Jake, a movie (called The Game- very strange, and I'm guilty of falling asleep in the middle of it), grocery shopping, a workout, and then a second workout while watching The Walking Dead- it definitely had my blood pumping!!
What'd you do with your weekend?  Link up with Sami and fill us in!


Dance Moms & Presents

Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day yesterday?!
Mine included getting surprise flowers at work, a workout and a marathon of Dance Moms because my husband had to work all night.  Sad for him, and though I should maybe be ashamed to admit it, I enjoyed my Dance Moms :)  (It's probably the guiltiest pleasure of my life, and it's ok if you want to judge- I kind of judge myself, truth be told.)
Turns out the other night when I was annoyed because he got home so late he was actually at his mom's house ordering me these flowers to be sent to my work.  Maybe I'll rethink my frustration next time :) 
Along with being my husband's Valentine, I also got to share Valentine's Day with two lovely gals through the Valentine's Day Swap hosted by Megan and Erin
This was my very first swap to participate in, and it was so much fun to not only get a present in the mail, but also to send one to someone else!!
Earlier this week I got a pretty pretty package from Amy!
I must be honest, the box her gift was sent in was much prettier than the one I sent mine in... lesson learned for next time- pretty packaging is good :)
And without further ado, here's what I was given...
I started opening the box and then I remembered that I should probably be documenting this!!!  So here's my delivery from Amy :)

I don't know HOW she got all this stuff within the price range limit, but boy am I glad she did!!  The candle smells amazing- the whole house just smells better now!  The scarf is proudly a hook in my bedroom just waiting for the perfect outfit to wear it with, and I will definitely be putting a wedding picture in the frame!!  Also, I'm told my husband that we need to start making more excuses to wash our hands so we can get rid of our old soap and start using the new stuff I got!

And to go perfectly with my blog name, Amy sent me a postcard from Santa Barbara!
I love all my stuff!!
Thanks so much, Amy!!!
I got great stuff in my swap, and if you're curious on what I gave, head on over to visit Jessica :)


Happy happy day!

It's the day of LOOOOVE!!!!

Now I must be honest.  Ever since I saw the first Sex & the City movie every Valentine's Day makes me think of Carrie & Miranda sitting in that overly decorated restaurant and getting in a huge fight.

Anyone else?

Seriously ridiculous. 

Hubby and I are working opposite shifts today, so we'll have lucky to see each other for a full half hour- so I figured I'd celebrate with some blogging buddies instead!

I'm teaming up with Madeline and Chrissy to give YOU some special Valentine's Day presents- from our hearts to yours :)

Enter below to win a $15 iTunes gift card, $10 Starbucks gift card and 2 ad spaces!
Can you feel the love?

Typing can you feel the love just reminded me of my schoolgirl crush on JTT (because who can forget him being Simba in the Liong King?  Cue the soundtrack now!)- so, in the spirit of Valentine's Day I'm going to bring back a picture from a while back...

You're welcome.
Now go win you some goodies!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Outrunning the Dream...or not

Today I’m going to give you a little bit of insight on my mind- how exciting, right?!
For as long as I can remember I’ve had the same recurring dream.  I’m not exaggerating here at all- I seriously cannot remember a time before I started having this recurring dream.  It may be because when I was younger my favorite movie was always Night of the Twisters (anyone remember Devin Sawa?  Anyone?  Besides the adorable JTT, Devin was my #1 celebrity crush when I was a kid).  Basically the movie follows the events of a town and one specific family as it deals with a night where several tornados hit ground and cause a bunch of damage and injuries- yep, it was great movie fare for a little kid…
Anywho, this was my FAVORITE movie when I was a kid.  My older brother remembers me watching it all the time, and I still know a lot of the lines by heart (hubby and I may have definitely watched it on our honeymoon because the hotel randomly had it as a movie you could borrow from the front desk- he didn’t really understand the epic glory that is Night of the Twisters, but by then I had already said “I do” so there wasn’t much to do.  I was stuck.  But I guess I’ll forgive him this one shortcoming.  If I have to.
So, for as long as I can remember I’ve had a dream that wherever I am (this changes every time- I’m always in a different place with different people) is under a tornado warning.  Without fail, no matter if I’m skiing in Africa, babysitting in Canada or making pie at my own house, these tornadoes come. They always hit the ground, and they always come straight to where I am.  Now in my dream some type of superhero adrenaline kicks in and I can outrun the tornado.  Every. Single. Time.
Sometimes I have to jump over cars, sometimes I have to scale walls, sometimes I have to instantaneously learn how to drive an Army-issue tank; it makes no difference what I come across, I am able to escape the tornadoes.
Well last night I had the same dream.  I was at work (but not my own work- some random dream-world-job that I had).  In the dream I normally ate my lunch in my car, but because of the storm I went to my high school friend’s house instead to have lunch and wait out the storm.  (Random fact- this friend is getting married this summer and I see his face every day on our fridge from his save-the-date!)  As I’m in his house it starts to hail really badly outside- they hailstones are the size of basketballs, easily.
Then, as the hails pouring down and I’m crouched in the bathroom, everything goes silent and the house is lifted up off the ground.  As I look around and all I see is sky and feel the pull of gravity pull me down, I remember thinking “well, crap.  I’ve outrun one too many tornadoes.  I guess there’s no escaping this one.  This SUCKS.”  I got pretty scared of smashing to the ground, so my subconscious self forced me to wake up, and I couldn’t fall back asleep for the life of me.
Are any of you dream readers?  I’d love to know what this change means!  I ALWAYS escape from the tornadoes in my dreams with superhuman ease- and I probably have one of these dreams every other month at least.  Last night, though, I didn’t even try to escape!  I just watched as it happened.


Goal of 70!

Here I am for my weekly Goal of 70! 

I've made it two whole weeks checking in on the same topic- I should definitely get some type of award, right?! 

Yeah, you're right- probably not.

But, I said that I was going to commit to staying on track, so here we go-

I've been able to continue working out, I'm happy to say.  This weekend hubby was working nights, so that made it much easier to get the workouts in.  I don't know about everyone else, but I actually find it more difficult to work out on most weekends than during the week.  I guess during the week I can build my workouts into my schedule, whereas on weekends my schedule is much more up in the air. 

But, I was able to work out two of the three days!  Friday hit me with a nasty headache, so that kept me from being too active, but on Saturday night I did Insanity and Sunday morning I woke up and did Pilates.  I had every intention of working out again on Sunday night, but then I realized both the Grammys AND The Walking Dead were on, so I was content with my one workout for the day :)

My eating has still been on track pretty well.  I used to be a die-hard cereal fan.  Seriously, cereal would have been my number one go-to food for breakfast, but I've cut myself off and haven't had it in weeks- and strangely enough, I don't miss it in the morning!  My fruit & low fat yogurt has been keeping me completely satisfied :) 

As of this morning I've lost 13 pounds- and I'm pretty darn well pleased with that!  All the Insanity has zapped every molecule of fat from my calves and replaced them with muscle.  Getting ready to walk like a model down the beach with a swimsuit and high heels ;)

haha yeah probably not.

I also realized today that my pants are loose enough now that I don't have to unbutton them or unzip them to take them off!  Now granted they were never skin tight, but this is a definite improvement :)

Tonight hubby & I are celebrating Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie where we had our first date, so no workout again today- but I did do Zumba last night and will work out again tomorrow!

I hope all your goals are working out for you, too!!


Book Review

Well, I figured I'd try my hand at keeping track of the different books I'm reading.
I know that I'm always looking for new books to read and other people's opinions on books they've been reading it, so I'm going to add my own two cents into the world on books I've read!!
The most recent book I've finished is called The Murderer's Daughters and it's by Randy Susan Meyers.
A brief synopsis of the book:
It took a while for me to get interested in this book, and truth be told I never really did.  I wasn't invested in any of the characters, and didn't really care what happened at the end of the book. 
I did finish the book, and the last thirty pages were probably my favorite part of the book.  The scene where their father kills their mother and stabs one of the sisters was very early in the book and a very short scene.  When they're young the girls are forced into an orphanage because none of their extended family will take them, and the book tells their life stories as they grow up. 
Obviously the mother's death and father's guilt changes them forever, but while reading this book forever just seemed to last foreeeeever. 
I gave it 2 stars because I was able to handle reading it through to the end, and there wasn't anything in particular that I disliked about the book; I just found it boring.
If anyone else has read it I'd love to hear your opinions!!


Weekend wrap up

Have you ever had a weekend where you got every little thing on your to do list done, plus a couple more things you didn't dream you'd have time to get to??

That was my weekend, and goodness am I grateful!!!

The house is clean, I finished a book, organized the two spare rooms that were potential FEMA disaster spots, made a refrigerator meal I can have for lunch this week, finished a craft I started last week and still had time to empty out my dvr queue and watch the Grammys--- did anyone else fall even more in love with Justin Timberlake???

Loved it, lived this weekend, and hoping that this week is just as awesome!!

How was your weekend?

I'm linking up with Sami for Weekend Update :)


Christmas in February

Have you ever been really really excited for a Christmas, birthday or any other type of gift you chose for someone?  I'm talking the kind of excited where you
This was me, this Christmas, for my dad.  I had chosen this gift, placed the order, checked my e-mail daily for the shipping confirmation.
The shipping confirmation that didn't come.
In fact, that still hasn't come.
Now I didn't buy this off some shoddy strange website with strange advertisements and pop-ups every fifteen seconds.  No, this is from a company that we all know (and probably love!)
Well my love's running a bit thing right about now.
Yep, no love from me. 
I originally placed my order at the end of November.  But something happened with their system where it rejected my order (I should've taken this as a sign, apparently).  So I called in and my order officially got placed on December 2nd.  Then, the item was on backorder, so I gave the ok for a 30 day extension.  So it was supposed to ship on January 15.
But that didn't happen.  So I tried e-mailing their customer service line.  I've always had really good experiences with their customer service.  But apparently they decided to ignore all three of my e-mails.  Wonderful.  So I called today, and was told it'll be shipped today. 
Wish me luck that it happens!
Now if I could really sneak into my parent's luggage like I wanted to yesterday...


Living Room Beach Party

So this weekend I'll probably be drinking fruity cocktails while wearing my sunglasses around the house and blasting a mix of The Beach Boys, Kenny Chesney and Bob Marley.  I just wanted to warn ya'll what kind of mood I'm in... I'm in the kind of mood where I want to escape to the beach.  Like now.

Although I'm always ready to pack up for an extended trip to the ocean, I'm really feeling the desire to go lately- because my parents are going to be in Mexico this weekend.

Yep, Mexico.  This is great for them- and I'm very happy they get to go!  They can enjoy the sand, the surf, the margaritas, the men-watching.  Okay they probably won't do that last one.  (Well, at least my dad won't.  My mom probably will.  Cause how could you not!?)  But while they do that, I'll be wishing I were doing it too-


or here-

and definitely here-

Yesterday I sent my family an e-mail that went something like this:

side note- if you don't know what a Muggle is, I'm not entirely sure we can be friends.  Seriously.  (I'll let you in on the secret- a Muggle is a non-magic folk from Harry Potter.  Now just pretend like you knew that the whole time so I can be blissfully unaware, k?  :)  Thanks.) 
Backstory- my mom, grandma, cousin and I went to Harry Potter Universe last year over Super Bowl (best Super Bowl I've ever had, I won't lie).  My mom bought Dumbledore's wand and spent the rest of our lives the trip telling us "I'm magic!" 
The only response I got to my lovely e-mail?  My sister telling me to stop doing drugs in the morning because they make me weirder than I already am. 

Whatever, sister.  I'm always normal.

Now if I could only find a way to open a sun umbrella in my living room this weekend without any bad luck...


Work-bound Footprints

Minnesota is definitely a strange state in terms of weather.  In the summer we can have 100 degree days with 80% humidity, and in the winter we can have -5 degree days that feels like -45 degrees with wind chill. 
To live here you have to have clothes for all types of weather and, truth be told, you must be a little insane.  Every once in a while, though, we get those days that are just perfect- the temperature is bearable, the sun is shining and it's just beautiful. 
The other day was one of those days.  It had snowed the night before, and I realized as I was walking to work that I was the first person to have walked on the snow.  When I was little that was always such a treat- to just run around in the snow that hadn't been driven on, walked on or shoveled away yet. 
It was a little thing that made my morning a little bit brighter- and those are always good things to have :)
I hope all of you had a nice commute today too!
oh and ps- anyone had a suggestion for a good mascara that doesn't clump, run but it still easy to remove?  Thanks!!


Up in the Gym.

I think it's time I commit. 

I've done a couple random posts about the ways I've started to try to maybe get healthier this year. 

The juicing worked while I was doing it, but the diet wasn't really sustainable. 

I've been doing Insanity and very much enjoying it, but I'm not able to 100% stick to the program.


Well, on Mondays I take Zumba- and I'm just not to the level of fitness or healthiness to do Zumba & Insanity back-to-back. So, no Insanity is done on Mondays. 

Also, I really like doing pilates.  So somedays I'll skip the Insanity and do pilates instead- and I must tell you, I think the ab workout is better in pilates than in Insanity.  Plus, it helps me get more flexible for when I'm doing all the crazy jumps and such in Insanity!

So while I may not be perfect at sticking to the Insanity calender, I am still doing it- t minus six hours until my next session :) 

But, like I said in the beginning of this post, I think it's time I commit.  I am going to really start to get healthier- more exercising, less sitting around, better eating- all in the name of feeling better than I have in a long time. 

I know myself well enough to know that I do better when I feel accountable to other people.  Luckily I have been blessed with the most supporting, understanding husband ever, but I'm going to also use my blog as a venue to keep myself on track.  So today is my official first "Goal of 70" post- and I'm going to keep updating as a way to keep myself going! 

I have some pretty major goals- and I've started working towards them!  (and I have taken "before" pictures, but I probably won't feel comfortable showing those until there have been some major changes... but someday!)

What are you working towards?  I'd love to help support you, so feel free to comment below if you're doing anything similar on your blog- we can be there for each other!

My stats as of today:

Weight lost so far: 9 pounds
Weight left I'd like to lose: 61

Yep, that means I had a starting goal of 70 pounds.  Daunting?  Yes.  Impossible?  No. 

So, I'm committing to this- wish me luck!


Be to the Yonce

I'd be lying if I told you I'm a football fan.

It wouldn't even be a little white lie- it'd be a big ole honking lie. 

Now please don't get me wrong- I have nothing against football; I don't dislike it, you're just not apt to see me watching a game in my free time. 

I did watch the Super Bowl yesterday.  (and by watch I really mean drink a lot of wine, eat a lot of finger food and spend the entire evening talking to the large group of people my parents had at their house to watch the game).

Me, via Instagram, on Super Bowl Sunday- probably one bottle of wine in by this point.
The only time you could find me with my butt on the floor in front of the tv was when Destiny's Child was on- woot woot I loved it!!! I didn't think all three would be there- so it was so much fun to relive my high school years with watching them perform!  (I'm sure the fourth member and other former members are kicking themselves right about now!)

Anyone else wish they had a chance to jump out of the floor like Kelly and Michelle did?  Consider that the newest addition to my bucket list- so if anyone can help a girl out, I'd be much obliged :)

Hubby drove us home because I was drunkenly passed out serenely napping for the hour ride- very grateful to him for that :)  It's unreal to believe that it's already Monday, and I did a horrible job at taking pictures of the weekend, but besides the Super Bowl yesterday, here's how I filled up the rest of my weekend:


Hubby and I saw Silver Linings Playbook.  Even though we got to the theater a bit late and the only open spots were in the second row, which left me with a major headache from craning my neck back for 2 hours, I loved it!!  It was funny, realistic and just all around charming!  I don't think it'll win for Best Picture, but it was definitely worth the fifteen bucks and headache.

Saturday I went shopping for some art materials for my latest craft- when that's completed I'll be showing it on here!  I also went grocery shopping for the various things we made Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night my mother-in-law came over and we tried our hand at home-made pizza.  I made the dough earlier in the day, so hubby and his mama only had to worry about putting the toppings on their pizzas!  I must say, they turned out really well!

I have to admit, I'm a bit impressed that I made those :)

After she left we thought about going to a neighboring town's bar/festival, but decided we were just not in the mood, so we stayed in and watched Do No Harm that we had dvr'd and some random Big Bang Theory episodes that were on.  Do No Harm was pretty interesting- a bit out there, but fun to watch.  And let's be honest- The Big Bang Theory never disappoints!  (Does anyone else agree that they have the BEST theme song?  I love it!)

Sunday hubby and I got to see my brother & his girlfriend & their son's new house- GORGEOUS!!!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved it- there's so much space and it'll be so fun to see how they make it their own!!  I wish I had taken a picture of the windows in their house- love love love them!

After that, we headed to my parent's house for my monthly book club, and then Super Bowl festivities began!  I made this Funfetti Cake Dip for the book club, and this lightened-up version of spinach and artichoke dip.  Both were really good and super easy to make! 

The Funfetti Cake Dip was much sweeter than I imagined, but yummy all the same, and I think with the spinach & artichoke dip I would use a bit less spinach next time.  But still oh-so-good!

Now it's Monday, which means the weekend's over- but only 5 days left until the next one :)

How was your weekend?  I'm linking up with Sami for the weekend update- you should too :)


Paranoid Much?

So guys, I'd love your opinion on something that happened to me today.

I'm not sure if I:

a) should be proud of myself for being guarded and think of self-preservation first

b) be sad for assuming the worst in people

c) be upset that the world has made me this way


d) all of the above

Today I was very unelegantly shuffling back to work from my house after my lunch break.  It has finally hit the hot hot temperature of 0 degrees in Minnesota, so I was glad to no longer be trudging around in below-zero weather, but the two inches of ice covering all walkways did make it more precarious that I'd like for it to be.

Well, I'm probably ten feet away from crossing the street when I notice that an SUV has stopped at the stop sign for a really long time- and shows no indication of moving anytime soon.  Well, I look over at the vehicle and the driver is just staring right at me.  So, I do what any sane girl does- snap my head back down and grab my phone from my pocket in case he decides to steal me off the sidewalk.

When I reach the crosswalk another car passes by, and just as I'm going to step into the road after they've passed, the man in the SUV yells out and asks if I want a ride.  Honestly, I was a bit confused and did little more than shake my head.  He drives off, and I breathe a sigh of relief and think "creeper".

Then I took a second to think about what had happened.

In one scenario, a nice young man notices a girl struggling to walk on the icy sidewalks, and goes out of his way to offer this girl a ride to her final destination so she gets there safely.

In another scenario, the nice young man is really a crazed serial killer who stalks his prey by driving around and asking people if he can help them.  When they accept, he takes them to their final destination- his basement, where he stores them until the ground has thawed and he can bury them in his backyard.

I'm going to assume that he was probably much more like the man in the first scenario- and that I probably came off as a bit of a witch.    But how sad is it that the second scenario is actually a possibility- and that it definitely happens?

What do you think of the question I first asked?  Should I be happy or disappointed with myself?  What would you have done?

(I don't have any pictures because I was ready to use my phone to call the police if scenario two came to pass...)