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Weekend Wrap-Up

Well guys, here we are- it's Monday.

Which, without fail, always leaves me with two questions:

1)  How early is too early to open a bottle of wine?
2)  How many hours until Friday?

Clearly, I'm an optimist.

Hubby's been working twelve hour shifts this weekend, so I've been having a pretty mellow weekend around the house- which I'm perfectly content with!  After the hectic couple weeks for the holidays it's nice to be able to be a bit selfish :)

My weekend consisted of a lot of this...

My workout routine in winter is generally playing Wii Fit games.  Fun stuff!  Not really the best, I suppose, but I sincerely hate going out in the cold, so for the winter this is the best I can do :)  

Finally finishing my book club book!  Juliet by Anne Fortier; very good, but very complex!

Laundry, laundry and more laundry!

I'm on day 6 of the juicing.  Going well so far, but I miss cooking!

What did you do with your weekend?


Jaime Hungry said...

Wii fitness is more than I have been doing! I'm signing up for the Warrior Dash though so hopefully that'll give me some motivation to get my butt in gear.

Anonymous said...

Does the juicing stuff taste good? I'm obviously not gonna go spend money on a juicer and keep it at college but i'm trying to convince my parents to get one so I can conveniently use theirs :)