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It's official.

I tweet.

Do you tweet?

Would you like to tweet together?

Yeah, this is getting a bit awkward.  But who doesn't need a little bit of awkward in their lives?

Back to twitter.

If you'd like to be my twitter friend, I'm @ashleykrek.

I also am now on instagram.

Truth be told, this one confuses me.  I can't really figure out how to follow people.

But I'm sure I'll figure it out :)

 This weekend I tweeted/instagrammed about polka, below zero temperatures and Zumba.  Just a little bit random :)

How'd I do all this, you ask?  (ok maybe you didn't, but let's pretend like you did)

I finally entered this century and got a smart phone- the iPhone!

(Thanks to everyone who offered their opinion!)

Woot woot!

So, now that we're in the same century, how about we tweet with each other?

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