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The Facts of Me

Today I'm linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work (oh, how I wish I could do that!) for The Facts of Me. 

So, the list of things that make me me...

I have horrible timing when it comes to illnesses, and I almost always get super sick on vacation.  I think I get waaaay too excited to go and get sick because of it (but whatever, I'm still going to keep going!)

I'm pretty sure if I met Miranda Lambert we would be best friends.  If anyone knows her and can help me prove this, I'd love you forever.  (Though of course I already do)

If you see me in a dress or a skirt there's a 90% chance that I'm wearing boxer shorts underneat (yep... even on the wedding day).  Why?  If you have to ask, you should feel very blessed to have thin legs :)

My senior year in college I lived in a crappy house with three great friends and we had an absolute blast- but the Michigan winters, in one word, sucked.  And to make matters worse, our house did not keep any warm air in.  So I slept every night that winter with two pairs of pants on, two pairs of socks, two shirts and gloves.  And drank before going to bed, because clearly that helps you stay warm :) 

Oh, and I also slept on an air mattress on wood floors- that probably helped make it even colder than it'd normally be.  Smart girl, I am.

In high school I was a major concert-goer.  I liked the small standing-room only venues and would go any chance I could get.  Luckily my mom is awesome and would let me leave my last class early so I could get in line so I could be sure to be in the front! 

Me in high school with Robert Carmine, the lead singer of Rooney- my all-time favorite band.  If he looks familiar but you've never heard of the band, he also played Michael (Lily's brother) in The Princess Diaries.  My heart probably stopped beating as this was being taken.

I'm a die-hard Harry Potter fan.  When the books were coming out I was always at Barnes & Noble at midnight to get them, and then would go home and read them within the weekend, normally within the first day.

My friend/bridesmaid in high school at a book premier party, rocking the glasses.
I have a "book o'lyrics" that I've kept since college.  In it I write my favorite song lyrics as I hear them, and also what they remind me of.  Let me tell you- the memories I have been able to keep because of this is amazing!  And it always reminds me of what I've been through- both good and bad- and how I felt at certain times in my life.

I can say the alphabet backwards- really really quickly.  When I was a kid I saw that movie Jingle All the Way with Arnold S in it, and he was pulled over and the cop asked him to do it.  So I decided I had to learn- and I did!
I just put this in cause I think I was a pretty cute little kid :) 

I can finish the Rubik's cube, and I'm very proud of that fact :)

Well there's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me- but now you do :)

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RadiantKristen said...

I lived in a duplex just like that after college... for us to heat the house to 60 degrees cost well over $200 a month, and so instead we would just try our best to keep the pipes from freezing and wore 6 layers to bed.

Stopping by from the link-up =)