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Melting Crayons, Part 1

I've read a lot of the blogs where people show 5 different, gorgeous, original projects/crafts/recipes every week.  I'm amazed that no only do they have that much creativity, but that they're able to find the time to do all those projects!
I am what you would call an aspiring crafter. I probably do one craft a month, and I love doing them!  But I generally focus on that one until I find the time and energy to decide on the next project, collect the materials and set aside time to actually doing the craft.  It's really a bit of laziness on my part, but I like to take my time in getting one underway :)
That being said, I did a project last weekend!  My brother's girlfriend/my friend Allison came over and we tried our hand at melting crayons onto a canvas- and I must say, I'm pretty happy with the results!

And of course, because I'm the expert crafter, I forgot the most important thing needed to do melted crayon art... the crayons.  Not. Even. Kidding.  Luckily we had enough leftover crayons to finish the project, but if anyone ever wants to borrow crayons, I can't help ya :)

The very beginning of my Taj Mahal- I'm pretty proud of the end result!! 

The mid-way point for the Taj.  I'l call it that, cause we're pretty much bffs.  

Sketch for the Statue of Liberty.  I can't take any credit for this one- this was all done by Allison :)

The finished Taj & Windmill paintings.  (Wine was harmed in the making of this project).  Because without the wine, really what's the point?

I've realized that this post is getting really long... so I'm going to leave it here and I'll show the finished project tomorrow!!

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Jaime Hungry said...

Ummm these are awesome!! I've done a few melted crayon projects but they have never started out like this. I can't wait to see the outcome!