Inappropriate CD Snuggling

It's very possible that after reading this you might think I'm slightly cracked. 
Don't tell me I didn't warn you :)
 So right before Christmas I got the new John Mayer CD.  

For Christmas I got the new Taylor Swift CD.  Also for Christmas I got a CD/iPod player that now lives in my kitchen.

Back to those cds. I'm always flipping out their cds because they're both on my perpetual repeat.  Normally when I take a cd out I just put it in whichever case is easiest.  

But these two emotional crooners (aka ex-lovers) make my life difficult. 

I'm not sure they want their case to hold their ex's cd, so I have to use up another 30 seconds of my day to get their cd in it's proper case.  Or in the Maroon 5 case I also listen to a lot.  But Swift & Mayer can never co-exist. 

 Brilliant, no?

Or have I lost it?

When I told my dad about this predicament he responded with this:

Very scary Ash

What do you think?


Jaime Hungry said...

Haha I think you possibly spend way too much time thinking about that.

Anonymous said...

Haha I agree with Jamie... But I love tswift and jmay...

Unknown said...

I now think of TS when I hear JM and visa versa...so sad. lol

Helene said...

hahahaha love this. and john mayer.