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If I were a Boy...

Today I'm linking up with Erin at Living in Yellow and Gay at A Girl Named Gay for If I were a Boy.

Two link-ups in two days? Yes, please!

So what would I do if I were a boy?

Here goes-

I'd have the perfect excuse to never ever ever paint my nails.  Like ever.  I love the look but hate the upkeep, so I would take advantage of this easy cop out.

Sadly, this is how my nails look on the reg.

I'd have a major crush on Mandy Moore, Hayden Panettiere and Miranda Lambert.  Cause really, who doesn't?

I'd wear a swimsuit every single day and not give a second thought to how I look in said swimsuit.

I'd choose one week every month to have an awesome party for myself because I didn't have to deal with an annoying visit one week every month.

I'd probably want to have more kids than I do now- it'd be much less painful as a guy!

I'd workout without having to surgically attach my hair in a ponytail/bun/straitjacket to keep it from falling down halfway through Zumba.

No more of this would be needed.

To celebrate not having to shave my legs or underarms, I'd probably just never invest in a razor and grow a big furry beard.

Instead of rushing to a bathroom I'd do as hubby does and pull off on any gravel road I see.

That's what I'd do if I were a guy- what would you do?  Link up and share!


Unknown said...

Sadly I think I do all of those things currently ;)

Domestic Mamma said...

My nails always look like that too! Why can't they make nail polish that doesn't chip?? I think we can all agree, peeing standing up is the one thing us girl envy about men! Fun link-up huh!

Helene said...

not shaving my legs and armpits would truly rock my world. yes!

Kayla Peveler said...

Cracked me up. I feel you on keeping your hair back during a workout, its such a pain!!

Staci said...

Oh man...the thought of never having to think about my stupid ponytail slapping against my sweaty neck during a workout...guys have all the luck. This is the best idea I've heard on this linkup!

Anonymous said...

Not shaving hahah that would be my dream come true!!

But seriously you're so right, being arrested would have made for an epic blog post... But I don't think it would look good on my future resumes :)

Kristen said...

These are perfect! I loooove Miranda Lambert, & not having to shave would be a major bonus! & having more kids would definitely be possible if I wasn't the one who actually had to have them! Haha :) new follower!!

Unknown said...

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