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First Things First

Whoo hoo!
It's Tuesday- which is so much better than Monday!
Today I'm linking up with Hallie over at Life: Oceanside for
First Things First. 
They supply the questions, I supply my answers!  And now, without further ado, my first things :)
My first best friend:
My first best friend's name was Angela, and she lived behind me and one house to the right.  We were pretty much the only girls in the neighborhood, and definitely the only girls within walking distance to each other, so it was an easy friendship to fall into :)  We liked to play house- all the flipping time.  One of us would be the mom, one would be the daughter, often her younger brother and sister would be the siblings, and then the mom would "go shopping" in the playroom for stuff for all the kids.  Cause that's what mom's do, right?  Go shopping?  Well, in our minds that was the most important thing :)  Because we live in good-ole Minne-snow-dah, our backyards would be full of snow that was over our heads during the winter, so her dad would snowblow a path between our houses.  Awesome!  We lost touch as we got older and she eventually moved away, but we had a lot of fun as kids!!
This is me, right around the age of "house"

My First Concert:
One word: EPIC.  This was an epic concert, and one that I waited for for soooooo long.  The Spice Girls.  Yep, that's right, I got to see the Spice Girls.  It was all my pre-teen self could do to not cry on command as I thought of it.  I wore my best sunflower patterned shirt under a jean overall skirt/dress, and I was fabulous!  My older sister took me (because older sisters were always the cool choice when you had an epic event like this) and I remember sitting next to a woman who must have been 70 years old.  (Okay, she was probably only 30, but from my age point she seemed 70).  I remember she drank a lot of beer.  But that didn't matter because I was seeing the Spice Girls!!  Minus Ginger Spice, which was very disappointing because she was my fave.  But I got over it.  Eventually.  Like last week.  Okay maybe I haven't yet, but I'm working really hard to.
Seriously, what's the point?
My First Celebrity Crush:
JTT.  Home Improvement.  Need I really say more?
There he is, ready to steal my heart. 
So that was me and some of my firsts- House-Playing, Ginger-Missing, JTT-loving me :)


RadiantKristen said...

JTT did some incredible spreads for TigerBeat. And I remember what a big deal it was when he did the voice of Simba. It made Lion King the coolest Disney movie of them all.

I love your guys' version of playing house!

Hailey Devine said...

Your first celebrity crush made me crack up!! This post was so fun. :)

Hailey Devine

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I loved these lovely retrospectives. When's the last time you talked to Angela?

Halie Renee said...

I'm so jealous you saw the Spice Girls! So awesome. Although, when was it? And why wasn't Ginger there anymore? I don't remember that part of their career... And JTT was definitely my first crush too!

Glad you joined us today for the link up!!

Staci said...

Spice Girls was my first concert too! I wore a plaid halter belly shirt! Zig-a-zig-ahhhh!

Jaime Hungry said...

Haha! JTT!!!!