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Cell Phone circa 2013

I beg your pardon as I put a post up without any pictures.



Besides this one:


Here's smiling at you, kid.

This weekend I might join this century- with a phone that can do things besides taking pictures.

Woot woot smartphone here I come!

Hubby got a letter in the mail saying that Verizon would no longer be providing service to his phone in March because it's so old- so we thought it may be time to upgrade our phones (since we're basically 80 years old and both still have flip phones- remember when those were cool? Yeah me neither.)

When I was in high school I always had the best, top of the line, awesome phone out there.  No lie, I once threw dropped my phone on purpose accidentally down the stairs so I could get the Razor.  I knew this phone was cool because someone on The OC had it.  And if it was on The OC it had to be cool, clearly.

Then I got to college and chose to pay for liquor instead of a new cell phone, and I've had the same phone for years.  Literally years.

I never planned on getting a smartphone, but Hubby's sick of me calling him in tears because I'm completely lost and can't even find a gas station to go to for directions.

Country living: 1, Ashley: 0.

Now the question is- which kind should I get? 

Any advice?


The Pink Growl said...

that's hilarious that they won't be able to serve your phone anymore because it's so old. I know you said you're not into smartphones, but I LOVE my iPhone!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to go with iPhone. I've owned like 307,593,684 million phones (seriously). So, I've done the Blackberry thing and the Android thing and my personal preference is the iPhone. :)

Meighan said...

that is SO funny! I personally am an apple chick, so the iphone is great. My phone before that was a Samsung droid phone and it was AWESOME. I hate to say I switched just to have an iphone, but I pretty much did...