Awesome Hair Day!!!

Yes, folks, you heard it here first.  Yesterday, I had the world's most awesome hair day.

I sprang up from bed, skipped to the shower and got breakfast ready all while whistling because I was so happy it was Monday!

Don't believe me?

Me neither. 

Actually, I pulled myself out of bed because I wanted to stay in there for a couple more alarm clock snoozes, but knew that in order to get ready and make breakfast I needed to.  

So,  I spent the morning going through the motions- shower? check.  Dry hair?  check.  Get dressed? check.  Change out of the pajama pants I just put on and make myself put on those damn black pants? check, sadly.    Make breakfast? check.

Well, after I made breakfast I had about 10 minutes left- just enough time to curl my hair for work!  Then, I walked into the bathroom...

Well, turns out my brilliant mind forgot to turn on my curling iron.  So here I sat with horrible hair, 9 minutes until I had to leave, and a cold curling iron.  

So, I did was any sensible 25 year old would do.

I only curled the hair on the front of my head and left the rest with just a little bit of curl. 

I'm classy, I know. 


Meighan said...

I do that all the time. I could care less what the back of my head looks like. Looks great!

The Pink Growl said...

I've rocked the front curls only a time or two. Looks great! I have the same curling iron!