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Riding out 2013!

Well here we are - less than 24 hours left in 2013!!!  If anyone else can believe it, please explain to me how it's possible - because I have absolutely NO idea!!!  

I look forward to 2014 and all the things it will bring - I have big goals, big dreams and big plans - and I can't wait to see how well I can tackle them!

2014 Resolutions

But, for the next 19 hours, I still have 2013 - and I'm going to make the most of it!

Today I am PUMPED to announce that I am having a one-day end-of-the-year awesome, incredible deal going on!  As some of you may know, I'm running a New Year, New You Challenge Group starting on January 6th.  (If you don't know about it yet, you can check out all the details here - but be sure to come back to read about the deal I have going on!!!)

Beachbody Challenge Group

This group is going active soon and we are enrolling NOW!  There are already some individuals who have committed to the lifestyle change they want for themselves and I cannot wait to help them reach their goals!  But if you've been on the fence about it or simply want a little more bang for your participation, I've got the deal for you!!!

Anyone who commits & enrolls for this group TODAY will get a prize of their choice from me!  Consider it a small gift for committing to your New Years Resolutions BEFORE the new year starts!

So, what are your choices??  Well here they are!

Shakeology Shaker Cup

Shakeology Cup

For those of you who are most excited about trying out Shakeology, the healthiest meal of the day, you can get a Shakeology shaker cup from me!!!  This is an awesome way to transport your Shakeology with you throughout the day and also show off your new healthy lifestyle!  (Psst... between you and me, anyone who chooses this option may get a couple other goodies as well!  But that's a secret!)

Tosca Reno Eat-Clean Diet Book!

Eat Clean Help
If you are someone who wants to focus extensively on your actual meal plan and nutrition, then you can choose a prize of a Tosca Reno Eat-Clean Diet book!  This is how I learned to set up my meal plans and eat clean - it makes all the difference in the world and I know it can help you as well!  There is a ton of information out there on how to eat healthy, but Tosca Reno is my choice for the BEST option!  You can choose between a Nook / Kindle copy or a paper copy - whatever works best for YOUR life is what you'll get (that's what this whole group is about, anyway!)

Rockin' Body!

Rockin Body

If focusing on your workouts is more up your alley, then this might be the perfect option for you! In committing to the challenge group you will choose a workout program, but I will also give you a second program, Rockin' Body by Shaun T!  Shaun T is the man behind Insanity, Insanity: The Asylum and Focus T25 - he is at the top of his game and helps you get to the top of YOUR game!  Whether you use this as a fun way to workout with your kids or an option for your post-challenge group workout, it'll be a great choice for anyone!!

So - those are the choices!  You have the rest of the year to commit!!!  If you're interested and want to learn more, head on over to my main challenge group post here  and fill out the application!  If you simply want to learn more before you make a decision, head on over there just the same!

I can't wait to hear from you and I can't wait to help you hit your goals!!


19 Weeks Down!

Another two weeks down - and that makes this officially 19 weeks without alcohol!!
Give Up Alcohol

I apologize for my absence last week – perhaps I should just start doing this re-cap on a bi-monthly basis – I seem to fall into that without trying to J 
The past two weeks have gone by without incident and without alcohol.  I anticipated that the holidays could be difficult, but I’m happy to report that each week that goes by it gets easier to forego the alcohol and drink other things instead.  I am noticing, however, that I have had more Sprites and the like than I used to have.  Instead of ordering a vodka-7, I just order the 7!  I’m thinking for 2014 one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to limit my soda intake to one soda a week.  There will likely be weeks where I don’t drink any, but for those bar nights and movie nights where it is tempting to drink more than I should, I think this will help me limit what I drink so I make more room for good-ole h2o!
Soda Pop

The other day I had the strangest dream involving alcohol.  I was back in college (a setting where I drank way too much way too often) but I had friends from all eras of my life around me – my sister, college friends and new work friends, too.  We were sitting around just hanging out, and then the beers came out – and I drank one! And then two.  And then the shots were poured and I remember thinking “well, I’ve already screwed up my year – might as well take them.”
College Drinking
Proof of my college lifestyle - way too much cheap vodka!
After taking the shot, though, I remember feeling completely disappointed, mad and hurt by my own actions. Drinking used to be such a prominent feature in my social life that drinking in this dream didn’t seem strange – but once I realized what I had done I couldn’t believe myself!  I was very relieved when I woke up and realized that I hadn’t, in fact, screwed up my year and that I was still going strong.
Maybe it was a good dream to have, though – it showed me how I would feel if I gave up mid-way through – and it was not a good feeling! 
Fight for it

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve which is always a night for drinking – but I’m not doing it! 
In case I don’t post tomorrow, I hope you all have a safe, happy and  fun end of 2013!!!


Chocolate Banana Frozen Goodness!

A dear friend and cousin-in-law (that's confusing - let's just say cousin!) recently commented on the fact that I'm kind of boring.  And, I'll admit it, she's right.  She wasn't being nearly as mean as it sounds though :)  What she was referencing was my taste in Shakeology!

Chocolate Shakeology
I look a bit rough - I just done done with my workout, so please forgive this lovely photo :)

I've shared before my journey that brought me to Shakeology, and the fact that I was pretty apprehensive about trying out a shake because I had never really drank shakes before so they seemed a bit too 'health nut' for me - but I knew that I needed help losing the weight that had crept up on me, so I signed up for my coach's challenge group and ordered Shakeology!  Little did I know that shortly thereafter I would fall in love with it, and I would be here almost a year later not only still drinking it, but helping other people try it as well!

But anywho, here I am!  And, as my cousin mentioned, I'm boring!  I'm a big fan of both chocolate and vanilla Shakeology and I never stray too far from my favorite recipes (Chocolate + water + ice or Vanilla + water + frozen berries.  See?  Boring!)

So in the spirit of the end-of-2013 Shakeology cleanse I am doing, I thought it was time to try some new things!  And I figured I might as well share my Shakeology journey here, too!  Today after doing Cardio Axe in Brazil Butt lift I made a Chocolate Banana Frozen shake - and I'm glad I did!!

Chocolate Shakeology Recipe

As you can see in the picture, I took a scoop of chocolate Shakeology, added about a cup of water and then half a frozen banana and then blended them up!  It ended up being a bit more watery than I would normally drink it, so I added 2 ice cubes and just a splash of water (I think having a bit of water with the ice helps it chop up better - I could definitely be wrong on this - but I'm just going to go with it :)

Yum yum yum!!  I am not really a banana fan so I wasn't sure I'd like this, but since tomorrow's my grocery shopping day my shelves are looking a bit bare, so the frozen bananas were my first experiment.  I just cut the banana right in half and then took the peel off.  I'm glad I stuck with half a banana instead of a full one - for me it had the perfect banana taste without being overpowering!

Chocolate Shakeology recipe

I'm going to keep a running tally of the new recipes I try over on my Shakeology page - check it out soon for more ideas for your Shakeology!  If you don't have Shakeology yet but want to try it out, shoot me an email at - I have Shakeology kits available and ready to ship out so you can see what it's all about! 


New Year, New You Health & Fitness Group Open Now!

December 27th already!!!!  Whew-ee that’s crazy!  
New Year New You

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you’re ready for 2014 (cause it’ll be here before we know it whether we’re ready or not!!!  Jake and I had a couple days that were jam-packed with family and friends and we had a great time!  There were a couple years where kids were in short supply, so the holidays were a bit less festive and exciting – but recently lots of kids have been born so we had a LOT of craziness surrounding us this year – and we loved it!
Now, though, Christmas is over and it’s time to look forward to 2014 (maybe it will be the year I get all my shopping done before December 20th?? Maybe!?  Wish me luck!!!)  2013 brought me Beachbody, a 50-pound weight loss, diamond coach status and a long list of new friends – I have a feeling that 2014 will be just as blessed and exciting!  And it starts now!
2014 Health

I am SO beyond thrilled to announce my newest challenge group – the New Year, New You 60-day health & fitness group that is kicking off on January 6th!!  This is the perfect opportunity to kick your New Years Resolutions into high gear (and not give up on them by the end of January!)
The group will run for 60 days and we will delve into a wide range of topics – staying motivated, eating clean, resisting temptation, making meal plans, incorporating Shakeology into your everyday life, making (and keeping) working out a priority, goal setting (and reaching!) and a ton of other things. 

January often starts a vicious cycle for healthy living - people jump into the month and year with high expectations, high goals and do awesome for a couple days or even a couple weeks!  And then life gets busy, the results don't happen as quickly as they'd like and they decide to take a day off - that day turns into two, then three, and then those New Years Resolutions become a distant memory and a goal that they'll get to "sometime".  But THIS year can be the year to CHANGE that!

This group will combine the best of health, nutrition and support to make sure that not only do you start 2014 strong, you stay committed to your goals and your health!  I have not only changed my own health, I have spent 2013 helping others live healthier lives, lose weight and gain confidence - I have created a system that WORKS but is fun at the same time! 
How does it work??
It is a 60 day group I will be running on Facebook – each of us will be committed to a workout program, drinking Shakeology and really taking charge of our health & fitness.  Every morning I will be sharing a tip, recipe, mini-assignment or motivation with you, and each day you will be sharing your successes, mood and setbacks with me!  These groups truly become a place of support, encouragement, positivity and success!  I think a lot of us have gone through those times when we say “I’m going to lose weight – I have to lose weight” and then find ourselves two months later at the same weight (or maybe even higher!)  This group will help you KICK that cycle for once and for all!  I’m in it with you 100% - you just have to commit!!

The last piece of this puzzle is Shakeology - this is not a weight-loss shake and it's not a protein shake - it's a shake that fully replaces one meal a day and supercharges your system with health!  Beachbody has committed themselves to making the healthiest, purest, most beneficial shake out there and they have succeeded!  Before I tried Shakeology I was very hesitant.  I didn't like the idea of shakes and I thought I wouldn't like it - I changed my tune very quickly though!  I sleep better, feel better, and stay more energized throughout the day.  I don't have the sweets cravings that I once did and I find it so much easier to stay on track with my meal plan once I've had my shake for the day.  It is worth every single penny I have spent and I would honestly shout it from the rooftops if I could (but it's cold in Minnesota now so I'm going to skip that part, k?  k!)

I can explain it - but Carl Daikeler can explain it much better!  Check out this video for more info!

Where does the support come in?

This challenge group is seriously crafted around giving you the best support out there.  You will have access to me, as your coach, 24/7 through our online accountability group.  We will spend time in the beginning of the group setting goals, discussing expectations, stumbling blocks and clean eating!  Everyone will start working out on the same day and we will check in to the group daily to not only stay accountable but to also get my support and guidance. Every day I will be posting a tip, recipe, motivation, information or ideas from me - we will talk about creating a meal plan, dealing with temptation, eating out, staying motivated, clean eating and finding time to fit that work out in!

This system was created to give you an entire lifestyle transformation - physical, mental and emotional!  I will provide the environment and the postings - you just have to commit to the program and finish it!  You are responsible to check in each day to rate your day and post how you did!
Are you ready to start 2014 with a healthy lifestyle bang?? Are you ready to truly change your life, health and reflection?  Are you interested in doing this in a healthy way - no crash diet here!  If so, fill out the application below to be considered for my New Year, New You challenge group starting January 6th!

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January 6!

Here I am, on a Friday night, bursting with excitement! 


Last year at this time I was pushing the scale at 249 pounds and I hated my reflection - my clothes - my body and the thought of working out. I was trying to figure out how to change, but quite frankly I was scared! I was scared of failing and I was scared to ask for help - I was stuck in a rut and honestly every time I talked to Jake about it I would break down in tears because I felt completely lost, frustrated, angry at myself and defeated.

Woman's Insanity Results

In January I found Beachbody and it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I have made friends, lost 50 pounds and learned to LOVE my reflection - clothes - body and working out! I couldn't be more happy that I look the leap when my coach mentioned Shakeology and I thought "oh no - there's no way I want to have a shake every day." But here I am, 11 months later and I am SO glad I gave it a try! 

I not only have found something to help me, I have also found a way to pay it forward! Every day I get to help other people hit their goals while still working on mine, too! I get to celebrate their successes and I have a support system who celebrates my successes! Weight loss and healthy living can be difficult, but it can also be FUN! 

Change my life

I am opening up a Coach Apprenticeship Program on January 6th and I am looking for some folks who would like to join up with me! Maybe you want to get a discount on Shakeology - maybe you want to help yourself get a jump start on some New Year's Resolutions - maybe you want to earn a couple extra dollars or maybe you want to make six figures! It is ALL possible through Beachbody! I became a diamond coach 7 weeks ago on the number 2 team in all of Beachbody and I'm excited to introduce new people to the team!

Beachbody Coaching

If you are interested in helping people, in changing lives, in making money or in just having FUN with your health & life, I'd love to have you join up with me! Leave your contact info below or email me at for all the details and any questions you might have!


Ringing in 2014!

A week from today it's Christmas Day - can anyone believe it?!?  I know I certainly cannot!!!  This is my second Christmas as a married lady and I'm very excited to get to spend it with my husband and the rest of my family!  This season we all have a chance to take a step back from the daily grind and really appreciate all we have been blessed with.  I definitely think it's something we should all do a bit more of throughout the year, too!

Healthy Holiday

Exactly a week after Christmas Day do you know what it is?!  2014!!!  I can still remember ringing in good-ole' 2000 and being afraid Y2K would blow up our computers (I'm glad we got past that one!)  The new year is always a time when people set goals and think about what they accomplish in the upcoming year.  I am determined that 2014 will see me at my goal weight with a celebratory shopping trip and salon day to go along with it!  

The most important thing in any healthy-living journey is to just stay tuned in.  The holidays are a time when it is so easy to let our guard down and start making bad habits that will make our new years resolutions that much harder!  But this year can be different!

Healthy New Year

I had a really exciting idea and I can't wait to share it with you!  Starting the day after Christmas I will be running a Shakeology cleanse group to say goodbye to 2013 in style!  

This is perfect for anyone who wants to try Shakeology but isn't really sure if they'll like it - for anyone who is interested in learning more about clean eating but isn't sure they're ready to commit to a full challenge group - for anyone who wants to go into 2014 with a healthy frame of mind and a week of good healthy habits to back it up! - for anyone who is with me in being determined that THIS year our goal weights will be our reality!!

Shakeology Cleanse

I have a feeling that a lot of people will fit in perfectly to this group!  I have the Shakeology sample packets ready to ship - all I need is your commitment!  Plus as an extra-special bonus - anyone who joins up for this group and decides they'd like to try a full challenge group will get a special gift from me to help you start your 2014 - forever healthy lifestyle journey!

So what exactly will this group be about?

We will try Shakeology, talk about how to make it and how to find your perfect mixes for any type of craving or sweet tooth you might have on any given day.  We'll discuss meal planning, clean eating and the importance of water and exercise when it comes to wanting to get healthy!  I will teach you as many of my tricks as I can in the time that is left in 2013!!  

I cannot wait to ring in the new year with health, style, joy and Shakeology - and you, of course!  I'm ready to ship out your Shakeology samples - comment below with your contact info or email me directly at to secure your spot and to get your Shakeolgy on its way!


I feel happy!

Today is Tuesday, December 17th and I have had a complete array of emotions going on:

Today I have been TIRED - I was not ready to wake up this morning!

I was EXCITED when it was time to exchange Secret Santa gifts at work. 

I felt BLESSED to be a part of an incredible group of people who work with me at the bank.

I was HAPPY to have had my secret santa surprise ruined because her daughter decided we were friends and she could tell me her mom's secret - I might have known who pulled my name and missed out on the surprise, but a little kid deciding you can be friends is a pretty cute thing :) 

I was SORE because I've been sitting in the wrong chair at work and my back once again decided to give out.

I felt all these things today - but what do I feel right now??

PROUD!!! I am bouncing off the walls, shouting it from the rooftops and sharing it with everyone!  

30 day weightloss results

Today marks the 30-day mark in my Healthy Holidays Challenge Group and some results have been shared - one of my challengers lost NINE inches!  In just 30 days!  

This challenger started her post in the group by saying that she's lost only 3 pounds on the scale, but then showed us her inches lost and pictures of her body before and today - and LET ME TELL YOU!!! - she may have 'only' lost 3 pounds but she looks incredible!  I have no doubt in my mind that she has gained muscle and lost much more than 3 pounds of fat - the inches and pictures prove that!

I see abs, I see confidence, I see beauty and I see pride - and I feel all those same things for her!  I love challenge groups.  I think they give each person the support, motivation and community we desire when we're trying to lose weight and get healthy!  Whenever I see or hear results like this I am once again reminded just why I take so much pride in running these monthly groups! 

They make EACH of us better and help us hit our goals so much more quickly than we might have otherwise.  

In just a couple weeks I'm starting an exclusive P90x3 challenge group.  I'm excited to start this workout and I am looking for a select group of individuals who want to jump right in with me!  It is 30 minutes a day - quick enough that anyone can fit it in somewhere in the day!  It isn't a graduate P90x program and it isn't made specifically for people who are already at the top level of fitness - it's for all of us!  


If you are ready to commit to yourself and take charge of your health, but would like some extra support & encouragement as you hit your goals, this is perfect for you!  I will be with you every step of the way (doing the exact same workouts, too!) and we will get there TOGETHER!  

This will start after Christmas and before New Years - just in time to make SURE this is the last year we ever have to make New Years resolutions!

Joining up is simple - just email me at to enroll and secure your spot!  And in 30 days I'll be celebrating YOUR success!!!


17 Weeks!

Here I am, 17 weeks into my year without alcohol, and I haven't visited this little blog of mine in a week - I'm a failure, I know.  I'll try better this week - I promise!

Any-who - - - it's been 17 weeks!!!  This has been a crazy 17 weeks going without alcohol but it's been awesome.  I really haven't found it to be very difficult at all - I anticipated that going without would be more difficult to adapt to.  I'm glad to have that not be true though!

This past week was a BUSY week at work - I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off but I got everything done I needed to so I was ready to sit back and celebrate on Friday night!  On Friday my sister headed down to this small town from the big cities (that's how she would say it) to hang out with me, her awesome, funny, talented, beautiful, motivating and loving much younger sister (that's how I would say it).  haha!

Jake had to work that night so I brought Nikki with me to my work holiday party.  It was open bar which normally would have given me the excuse I needed to drink my fill of vodka-7s with Grenadine (or a Slutty Shirley as we call them around here).  I stuck with water and Sprite and called it good - and it was good!  I didn't miss the liquor and both my liver and my head thanked me the next day for sure!

I had a great time hanging out with my work family and it was nice to introduce my sister to them all!

Us three "basement" girls with our fake shots of Jag!

Until next week - cheers!


4 Months!

Another week down the drain with not a drop of liquor to show for it!  This week is a special week, though, because this week marks 4 months!  I'm officially 1/3 of the way done with my year of no alcohol and I am darn proud of that accomplishment!!

Giving Up Alcohol

Although this week wasn't especially difficult, I did have a couple moments when I thought "I could really go for a drink right now!"  Work has been pretty crazy and I've been super busy everyday, and so after work I think a glass of wine would have been a lovely addition to my nights at home - I even have a couple bottles in the house still!  But I just kept my mind occupied and didn't worry about it too much - so I got through without giving in!

Friday night was Jake's work's holiday party, and the last two years I spent this event with a full-time glass of vodka in my hand.  This time I stuck with water and my head thanked me on Saturday morning!

Saturday saw me at my friend's house making a seemingly never-ending supply of holiday cookies.  No joke folks, we made TONS of them!  About halfway through decorating my third tray of sugar Santa cookies I realized that I really wanted a drink.  Luckily my friend had some leftover sparkling juice and let me get all fancy with that instead of alcohol - so I call that a win-win!!!  

I'll be honest - if I never see another sugar Santa cookie again in my life, I might be okay with that :-)

Holiday Cookie

Note to you: this is not a cookie that I made or decorated - mine were nothing remotely close to this well-decorated or adorable.

I think this next week will be a bit stressful again but I'm just going to focus that much more on my workouts so I don't start craving a drink!



I'm a firm believer in honesty, and I'm about to get real honest with anyone reading this little blog of mine!


This past couple weeks has been difficult for me.  I feel like this cold has just taken control of my life and I've lost touch with so many things!! My workouts have been non-existent, due to the fact that I could hardly move without coughing up a lung; working out was completely out of the realm of possibility.  I have been consistent with drinking Shakeology and sipping on water throughout the day, but beyond that I haven't been eating enough and haven't been able to cook good meals because I just haven't had the stomach for it.  So my weight has gone back up a couple pounds and I'm feeling a bit defeated.

Feeling Defeated Weight Loss

This has become my mantra of sorts this week.  I am finally on the upswing of health and feeling ready to kick butt in my workouts again.  I'm bummed that I have to re-lose weight I already lost, but I'm determined to not let that too far into my psyche - ups and downs are going to happen and it's how we push through them that defines our success!!  

I imagine if everyone gave up when life got more difficult we would have a lot less successful people to look up to!  I'm in this race for healthy living and it's a marathon - NOT a sprint to a finish line!  Since I lost so many days of Focus T25, I'll be starting over with a new program rather than just pretend like these two weeks didn't happen.  

Weight Loss Start Over

I suppose I could have never written this blog and many of you wouldn't have ever known that I've been struggling for the past couple weeks - but that's not reality!  I think it's important that we all realize that weight loss and healthy living is not something that we wake up one morning with complete control over and comprehension of - it's a day-to-day process of proving to ourselves that we CAN succeed - and eventually one day every step gets easier!

I know that I'm in a much better state physically than I was last year at this time and it's because I've fought for it - and I'm still fighting!  

Keep checking back to the blog so I can share my story with you - I'm done with being sick and I am IN IT to WIN IT!!!!!!


15 Weeks Down!

I have to start this post by apologizing - it's very sad to realize that my last post on here was over a week ago.  NOT a good blogging move, Ashley, not at all!  That being said, my reason is because I was so sick I pretty much never left the couch.  I thought I was going to break a lung I was coughing so hard, and I even ended up staying home from work two days in a row.   So while it may not be a good excuse, that's my reason I've been MIA!!!

Today officially marks 15 weeks without alcohol for me and I'm pumped!  I can't believe that in just one week I will have gone 4 entire MONTHS without a drop!  (I will admit that the cough medicine I took technically contained alcohol - but I'm not counting that because it clearly was not for recreational use!)

These two weeks have by far been the easiest weeks for me since I started the challenge - I was so sick that liquor was seriously the furthest thing from my mind!!!

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family but Jake and I ended up leaving pretty soon after dinner was over because I was coughing so much that I just couldn't handle it anymore - so there was no temptation for an after-dinner cocktail either!

I anticipate that the next couple weeks will be easy - but New Years Eve might be a temptation!!! And I promise that I'll be MUCH better about updating this blog here - sorry for my absence but I'll be back again tomorrow with big news about a brand-new Beachbody program that I can't wait to test out with you!


13 Weeks Without Alcohol + One Failure

Where oh where has the time gone?!?!  I sweat it was JUST Friday and now all of a sudden it's Wednesday?!  How in the heck did that happen?
Magic - it must have been magic. 

Please consider this my weekly year without alcohol post - and you're welcome to think of this being the week I failed.  
I failed at updating my blog on Monday afternoon like I always do - but I did not fail at abstaining from alcohol this week!  Whoo hoo one more week down! 
This year has just been flying by; I can't believe I've already made it 13 weeks!!!  Oh there's that pesky number thirteen - it's bad luck, right??  That must be why I failed to post on Monday!  (Really I have just been crazy busy the last 5 days and I pretty much completely forgot about it.  But if I can blame my failure on the evil omens of the number 13, I'll go with that!)

Stop Drinking

Last week Monday - Friday was simple to go without alcohol, just like it normally is.  I don't really think about wanting a drink during the week anymore - and that makes me happy!  I did have a dream that Jake and I were at a beer tasting party and I had to refrain from trying any of them - that was a bit difficult to deal with so luckily it was just a dream! :)

Friday after work I went to my mom's house for our monthly book club which was a lot of fun!  This used to be an event that saw me with a glass of wine (or two... or maybe three if I was feeling really extravagant).  Going without the wine was easy; I had my trusty water bottle with me and didn't feel too deprived :)  

I woke up on Saturday, started my day with vanilla Shakeology and then headed to a family girls' weekend - it was great!!!  There were about 20 of us women from the family who all met up at a hotel with some children tagging along and we had a great time.  

It's not very often that we all get together and I don't remember the last time we ever had this big of a reunion so it was a great weekend for sure!  We got to swim, play cards, talk and just hang out - couldn't ask for much more!  Drinks were had but, again, it wasn't too depressing to pass them up. 

Stop DrinkingMy sister thought she was so clever to take a picture of me buying a box of wine - here it is! haha.  No one else really felt like leaving the car to get my grandma wine so I took one for the team :)

I still think that my first drink after the year will be a glass of champagne (though not a large one - it'd really go straight to my head after not drinking for a year!)

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